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  1. Rattling Seats!!!

    Hi, I know this may sound odd, because you've taken the seats out etc, but being really practical have you checked that the seat belts are all reeled back properly, only thought this because my daughter had a friend in the car and she didn't roll it back right when she got out and the rattle it made drove me insane, that sounded like it was coming from the backs of the seats too. just a thought.
  2. Heater

    Didn't go to the garage, the coolant levels fine now and heater working a treat, Maybe I was having a female vs car moment! (I can say that being female!!)
  3. Heater

    Yea, I've got one at the mo, but lets see what the garage come up with on tuesday, maybe I'll be cool again!!!!!
  4. Have I Made A Mistake?

    I'd be interested to know if the new ones have as many problems, we were thinking of getting shot of the old one and buying a new one, because despite all the problems it is a really lovely car to drive and own.
  5. Heater

    Just to say I topped up the coolant and the heaters working now, cool or should I say hot?
  6. S Max - Most Unreliable Car

    Hey guess what mines a 56 plate as well, list follows of my probs: steering rack replaced after noisy power steering, didn't fix it, (was under warranty so I don't care) they then replaced hoses or was it valves? that sorted out the noise. Oh and while I remember the mechanic forgot to tighten the steering rod locking nut, so I suppose I should be thankful that I'm here at all! (see my topic "I forgot to do that nut up love" alarm going off, accompanied by high speed wipers going that I couldn't stop, Outcome replaced alarm module under ns wheel arch water getting in it (under warranty) when trying to shut windows they open sometimes again on their own, they go up and down about three times and then they work ok, was told by garage to reset them as something must have got stuck in them Hmmmmmm!!! Heater not working properly, checked coolant a little low, so topped it up, heater sprang back into life, checked coolant after a couple of hours and its gone down more than I would expect, going into the garage next week to test for leaks ( when I topped it up there wasn't any dripping under car so maybe it's the plastic topup tank thats leaking when the coolant expands?) we'll see next week (oh I hassen to add it's not going to a Ford garage, after the steering rack fiasco I dread to think what they'd replace before realising it's actually to do with the cooling system, maybe replace the gear box or a new engine haha)
  7. Heater

    Hi, My heater isn't working properly, it comes on briefly when I've been using the car most of the day then goes off again, any ideas? oh I've tried it on A/C and on eco. Just to add the front seat heaters are both working.
  8. Bike Rack

    Hi, Just interested to see if anyone could give me any info on a bike rack to fit S-Max that takes 3 bikes, been to Halfords and they couldn't fit any of theirs on it.
  9. has not set their status

  10. Power Steering Malfuntion

    Hi ya, Just out of interest I noticed from your catalogue of problems you mentioned the boot locking, just wondered what the solution was only, mine locked up only the once but at the time I was transporting a BBQ to my brothers house and we had to dismantle the BBQ in the car to get it out and two days later as I was driving down the road the luggage department warning light came on and the boot had released. not had the problem again but just interested to see if you found the cause.
  11. smax official trouble topic

    Hi, I didn't have any warning but mine made a groaning noise when cornering, When I took it to the garage they took the fluid top up cap off and the fluid was bubbling, They replaced the steering rack problem continued then they replaced valves and that sorted it. Don't know if this is any help? (see my topic page 3 "noisy power steering"
  12. Yey, I thought I was alone with my anger and frustration,
  13. SMAX Spare wheel

    I can see that this is a good idea, but the wheel sticks up above where you'd put the boot cover, so if you've got stuff in the boot it would be in full view, sorry for being practical
  14. Wing Nut Misery

    Hi, You sound like you had as much fun changing the bulb as I did. Wait until the large brake light on the boot goes, what a laugh, be warned be careful removing the clips.
  15. Hi, just to let u all know, i contacted Ford Customer Services, they were rightly concerned that this had happened. The dealership has closed down that branch, I left a message for someone at the head office of Evans Halshaw to contact me, but to this date I haven't heard a word (surprise) Ford has given me a free of charge full 3 year(36 month) service as a good will gesture, which I thought was rather nice of them. So if you're not happy it does pay to complain, however it still doesn't excuse what the garage did. Don't suppose that I will ever hear from Evans Halshaw, and rest assure I will never darken their door with my custom in future.