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  1. New Tyres

    Thanks for the info. Just an update got Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39 fitted. The garage kept the tpms vales and it still works great without the runflats. Nice tyres and not to bad a price from black circles.
  2. New Tyres

    Yeah I think your right, I'll ask him to keep them and if they say they won't ill cancel the order.
  3. New Tyres

    Hmm I'll have to give the garage a call on Monday and see what they normally do. I'm guessing they will just replace the valves, but then I don't know what will happen to the tpms ones... And if that happens will I end up spending a lot of money on getting new ones when my first mot is due.
  4. New Tyres

    Do they have have to replace the valves ? Ive heard of some people still using them on non runflat tyres? Its just they seem quite expensive to get and I wondered if it's something that can be retained?
  5. New Tyres

    This wasent from the garage im getting them changed at, its what they said at my local ford dealer when I asked them. I'm getting a local garage to fit them through black cirlce.com
  6. New Tyres

    Thats what the engineer said..
  7. New Tyres

    I decided to go for the mid range instead as I wasent sure I wanted to drive my kids about on the cheap tyres. I've gone with Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39 225/50 R17 Y (98), Reinforced which I got for 115 fitted a tyre. Leaving a hole in my pocket but its not too bad.
  8. New Tyres

    I spoke to my dealer yesterday, and they said if you put normal tyres on the car will come up with a message saying have you got winter tyres on and if u click yes it will disable the system. I got quoted 150 a tyre for some hankooks. Which i was tempted with but then thought if i can save 50 / 60 a tyre will i really notice a difference.
  9. New Tyres

    Thanks are they the same tyres as the jinyu yu63? as these seem to get better ratings
  10. New Tyres

    Then again just found these. http://typepage.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3207 Its an mpv not a racecar surely these are almost as good and so much cheaper
  11. New Tyres

    Thanks for the info I'll check it out. I found these which seem pretty good. Ecsta Le Sport KU39 http://www.blackcircles.com/catalogue/kumho/ku39/225/50/R17/Y/98/f?returnurl=%2forder%2ftyres%3f%26width%3d225%26profile%3d50%26rim%3d17%26speed%3dW&tyre=27167114
  12. New Tyres

    Thanks guys, yeah i think your right. I talked to my dealer and they said if you put normal tyres on it will just come up with a message and then ur pressure sesor will just turn off. So next question, were is the best place for tyres? ive looked around a bit and found my tyres quite good
  13. Ford Service Plan

    Hi All, I got talked into a 4 year service plan with ford when I had my car serviced as they offered me a discount on my current service but i'm now wondering if i did the right thing. My S max has done 29k and the plan covers the next 4 services which should last about 4 years. ( 2 minor and 2 major ) and they quoted me 195 for minor service and 270 for major. The plan is £20 a month and also includes AA and 10% ford parts. But i'm not wondering how much services will cost if i dont go to ford, as im not convinced i need to stick with ford as it has previously been services elsewhere. Does anyhow have an idea what it might cost at a standard garage for minor or major services on the s max? Thanks.
  14. New Tyres

    Thanks for the advice, I had a feeling it would end up being all 4. No I just need to decide if i go with runflats at about 150 a tyre or something cheaper.. :(
  15. New Tyres

    Hi all im new to the forums, Happy new year to you all. I've got a 12 plate Ford S-max 2.0 TDCI 163 and I've just had the first service since owning it. Ford have told me I need all 4 new tyres, back ones are worn out which is fine but the front ones are worn down on the inside but still have 4mm in the middle. It may be a stupid question as I don't know a lot about cars but is it necessary to change the front ones when they have so much tread left or could I just get them aligned? And also my car comes with run flat 225 50 17 98w with the tyre pressure warning system. But the tyres seem pretty expensive, so I was wondering if anyone knows if I can put standard tyres on? Thanks for any help. Mo