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  1. Happy Birthday Danwel!

  2. Air Con Cleaner And Cold Air Intake

    Yeah i have used the bomb type ones before and exactly as you said via re circ mode. This one is a spray in the vents and then intake jobby but not a massive issue as i can if needed buy a diffferent one if i can't get it sorted
  3. Air Con Cleaner And Cold Air Intake

    That makes more sense, where abouts is that??
  4. Right i am having a senior moment. I have bought an A/C cleaner to give my aircon a quick clean and intend to put in a new pollen filter as a matter of course. The cleaner states to spray some in the vents and the pollen filter area then it says to spray the rest in the cold air intake. Now forgive me for being thick here but i presume we are talking of the area that houses the air filter? I was just going to open it up and replace the air filter and spray a shed load of cleaner through as it was drawing in air or shall i just spray it in the ducting whilst the car is running? Ta
  5. Adrian Flux Shocked Me Today.....

    Won't ever use Adrian Flix again they're terrible. Had to pay two charges to change the start date yes you read that right the start date!! Also moved to a focus tdci from a 300bhp mps and they told me its no cheaper and still had admin fee to pay! On the whole f@@king useless
  6. Phone Vent Holder

    Yeah but doesn't the iPhone need to have no case or bumper on to fit?? Sure I read that somewhere
  7. Central Locking/key Fob Help

    Ok just had a thought, what if I was to buy a transponder (glass type) for my new fob would I be able to programme it and actually have a working key fob??
  8. What Goes Here???

    Ah right cheers, just wondered if I could replace the blank with a new gadget
  9. What Goes Here???

    Whilst sorting out my iphone connection I noticed that something is wires upto this blank and wondered if anyone has any ideas what it is??
  10. Central Locking/key Fob Help

    If its any help It just died overnight and I did notice that you had to press the button for longer before it just died?? Deffo nothing wrong with the car itself as the other fob works fine jus the old one wont have it at all.
  11. Central Locking/key Fob Help

    Just spent the last 45 minutes messing about with contacts and even foil and it's got me beat. Its definately the fob but I'm buggered if I can sort it. Can you get the fob from ford? Or the transponder out?
  12. Central Locking/key Fob Help

    Right will give it a go
  13. Heated Front And Rear Screen Switch Panel

    Pm sent mate, cheers
  14. Heated Front And Rear Screen Switch Panel

    Thanks mate I will take a blank off you as I would like one for a spare either way when it comes time to sell car etc as I'm sure new owner won't appreciate a hole in to lol