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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have any guides, diagrams or videos on how to change front discs and pads on a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Many thanks
  2. Engine Checks Problem

    Hi all, Need your input. I was checking all my engine I.e. Oil, dot 4, engine coolant for a 500 mile round trip tomorrow. Now I was driving to my local fuel station and I could hear a tapping/whirring noise from the engine. But only sounds over 40mph. Any ideas what it is so I know if it's safe to drive tomorrow? Thanks
  3. Cigarette Housing 2010

    Thanks. I phoned my local Ford Dealership and they're going to purchase the part in for me.
  4. Cigarette Housing 2010

    Wonder if anyone can help me? The plastic ring housing around the cigarette plug in my 2010 Fiesta has snapped and I've looked every where for one but can not find one. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  5. Power Steering Malfunction

    WELL! I took the Fiesta for a spin down the road to a friends (quarter of a mile) then back not too long afterwards. The steering had been fine the whole way there and the whole way back until I was on the driveway reversing then the power steering went heavy, the mileage came up as ------- and the steering wheel light with an ! beside it remained lit on the dashboard. I turned it off then restarted it and it was still the same. I've looked underneath however I cannot see a puddle of fluid or whatever. The Fiesta is of the van version 2010 1.4 TDCi Base 68 PLEASE HELP! :(
  6. ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Are the H7 Dipped Beam a two prong fitting?
  7. Central Locking Key Fob

    I'm wanting to get a new central locking fob for my Fiesta (2010), can I buy any key off eBay and have it coded or do I have to have a key mould taking from the car? Thanks