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  1. It happens as you said, it seems that something is blocking it the clutch is alright it does not mater, it can happen at any moment can you please explain how to do it
  2. Hello All. There is a problem with selecting 1st and rear gear on my brothers mondeo. Sometimes it takes two three tries to select but sometimes it works fine, other gears work fine as well? He was reading thru this forum and found that it might be some kind of leaver,or probably the oil, but the topic was old. Any thought on this issue. Thanks All in advance.
  3. Buying Mondeo

    Thanks BOF for such detailed info. I emailed him for more info, but already i don't think that I will gamble with this car, especially knowing my luck.
  4. Buying Mondeo

    both of those ask £2990. I understand that the 120k is much better the 191k, but what im worried about is that the 12k was a taxi and that all undercarriage (suspension, bearings) nand stuf like that needs to be replaiced
  5. Buying Mondeo

    The car is quite far away from home, so want to know what the noble people of this forum thinks. There are some other estates with less miles. Is the turbo a thing to worry about? thanks James for reply. There is one more same speck but the turbo wasn't changed, and has 120k miles. And it was a taxi, at least the ad says that it had a PCO license.And the car looks great.
  6. Hi guys. Found on ebay mondeo estate, the guy states that it had turbo, flywheel, clutch, cambelt change not recently, but the mileage is quite high 191k. The car is 2L tdci zetec 58plate. Is that amount of mileage for mondeo deadly? You think is it worth to have a look?
  7. Help To Buy

    Thanks James. Will check
  8. Help To Buy

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy Ford Focus C-Max 2.0 TDCi Zetec 5dr Its 2005 model, has 91.000 miles on the clock. Any tips, what i have to look for ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Mondeo 2.0 Tdci

    no we didn't clean those. The mileage is 87k
  10. Hello guys, hope you can help. My brother bought 2005 mondeo 2 litre TDCI, and after a while it started to smoke, the smoke is black. We cleaned the EGR valve (it was pretty dirty), but it didn't helped. The oil and filters were changed not long ago. Any thought's what can be? Thanks in advance. Andy
  11. Ford Focus Lx 1999 1.8 Zetec

    Hello. Sorry for long inactivity. Ash- no my one doesn't do that. As i said previously i just unplugged the battery for bout 20 min to reset the computer, and after that it seems to work very good actually. I'v checked the fuel efficiency, filled it up with ten litters of fuel and done about 80-85 miles on it.is that good?it was mainly in the city.
  12. Ford Focus Lx 1999 1.8 Zetec

    I checked the MAF sensor and the heat sensitive wires which go inside the air tube are clean and look pretty new. I think it was a computer fault,recalibrated or something. Does anyone know where is the fuel filter?and can I change it myself? Where a bouts do you work James ? if its not a national secret ? :) :)
  13. Ford Focus Lx 1999 1.8 Zetec

    hello again. i didnt check the tubes but i cleaned the air filter and restarted computer by removing the clamps on the battery,and it seems to helped with idle revs. not sure bout the fuel ussage but will check today. I couldnt find the idle control valve. as much as i know it shoult be somewher near the throtle boddy.but all i have is lots of plastics neare it.
  14. Hello, Newbie Here

    welcome fellow newbie :)