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  1. Thanks, Sven. Was very easy too.
  2. Yes, very good. Your turn.
  3. First impression is that it looks goods. Can you get better pictures? Maybe from different angles. I thought about doing it for my Titanium as well, but was worried that it would look stupid without the body kit. Would also like to add a new exhaust, but what's the point with our current "back end" :)
  4. You should by the ones called "194 501 T10 Wide Angle 12 LED Wedge Bulbs" from this store: Quite a few members use those for the footwells. Yours look like crees, but blue.
  5. I tried to find an easy one and thought it had not been done yet. Go get the photo so I can participate in the next one :)
  6. It has quite tall gears, so it actually takes a bit to get used to it. Usually you will be driving a gear lower than you normally would until 50+ mph. I don't know about wear of the engine, but the maintenance is like any other car. I doubt it will be a problem, but let's see!
  7. I would go with the 125 PS every time. My friend has a 100 PS one and I have the 125 PS. When you push it, you will feel the difference. It's not night and day, but I bet you will regret not getting the extra 25 PS. Save till you can afford it. It's a really great car..
  8. Look what you all made me do..
  9. Let's go for an easy one then. Your car besides a motorcycle.
  10. Have you guys seen the i-flash solution from Collins Performance? I can't seem to find any figures on the actual map.
  11. Looking good, Divszy. How do you like the hose and AS induction kit? Does it do anything other than make a lot of noise?
  12. There's like a 1 cm thick pad behind the plate, which makes it impossible to get the lights out with it on. I'm not sure how to go about removing the plate without damaging anything.
  13. Did you ever get it past the plate? I have the same problem and can't take the plate off because it's glued on. The screws go out fine, but it's just glued like nothing else. I'd like to change the bulbs, but how do I get it off without damaging the plate or the car?
  14. The coolant in my titanium 1.0 ecoboost were bubbling when I first got it 3 weeks ago. I haven't noticed it for a while now, though.
  15. Looks sweeet. I hope it drives as good as it looks (I know it does :p). Congratulations!
  16. I just picked mine up today. I'm not experiencing the same issue. Did you remove your remap?
  17. Too much talk about the ST in this 1.0 ecoboost thread. There's no doubt that it's a great car, though. I don't see why this has to turn into a "competition" like that. If we wanted an ST, we would buy one. The 125 PS is a good all-around alternative. Remap it and it's enough for most of us, I believe. Looking forward to news from Mountune.
  18. Looks nice. How is the reception with the aerial?
  19. Nah, I'm sure it's a custom plate :D