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  1. Oh I thought they were a US-only model since I'd never heard of the edge up until offered it by BA. I'll do that, thanks. Edit - just phoned Bristol Street motors and they didn't know what I was talking about. They thought 'Edge' was a type of specification. So whan I asked to see an Edge, they asked which model. Ka, Fiesta, Mondeo etc. So it looks like the Edge is indeed unavailable in the UK.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I guess we'll commit to it, then.
  3. Hello folks, we've been offered a Ford Edge as the rental car for our extended holiday in California. We are a family of four with two teenagers and we would be using this car for a several thousand mile road trip, carrying all our luggage and posessions with us. We will have four medium to large size suit cases plus whatever souvenires we want to buy along the way. Will the Ford Edge be big (and comfy) enough? Next vehicle on offer up in size is a people carrier which is somewhat more expensive and probably more cumbersome to drive. Thanks