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  1. Success! I have found that CC is working despite that fact that I was not able to enable it PCM, only GEM and HEC. Reading back the status of PCM using ELMConfig shows that integrated speed control is not checked, nevertheless it works.
  2. In the last few days my ignition key has refused to come out of the lock barrel when turning off the engine. The key does not make it to the '0' position but stops just short of this. The only way round it is to start the engine again, move the car slightly and switch off. This usually works after one to two tries. The car has an auto gearbox and the gear selector has been placed in 'P' before switching off. Is there any sort of interlock between the transmission selector and the ignition switch/steering lock? I am trying to work if the problem is just the lock barrel or something else. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Using ELMConfig v.0.2.13b. Having wired up my CC buttons, I have attempted to activate CC in the electronic modules with ELMConfig. I believe 0.2.13b to be the latest version. GEM and HEC were successful but I encountered a problem with PCM. I received the warning message "There is a non-empty VID block found in PCM. To write a new VID block reprogramming must be performed first". Please could any member advise me on how to proceed. Thanks.
  4. Jeebowhite, following your advice I was able to remove the lower cover quite easily. Just hope I can get it back! The connector has 6 wires including the all important white/brown ones. I plan to connect these wires to my modified radio stalk and enable CC using ELMConfig. Many thanks.
  5. Jeebowhite, thank you for taking the time to reply. At the start of this guide, Pidu suggests checking for the CC wires (white/brown) just behind the steering wheel. To do this, the lower part of the steering column cover has to be removed. Pidu says that it is held by clips from the top part and two Torx screws. The radio remote stalk also has to be removed. I have done all these things but the cover shows no sign of being loose, have I missed some other fixings? Pidu's guide was originally written for a Focus rather than a C-Max so there my be differences. If the wires are present, I plan modifying the radio remote stalk to control the CC. I have checked the circuit board and the necessary circuit, given earlier in this guide, is easily implemented by changing a few of the surface mount resistors. I really do not want to remove the steering wheel given the issues of fiddling with the airbag. So it is all down to removing the lower cover.....
  6. I wonder if any member could help me with advice on how to remove the lower steering column shroud on my 2008 C-Max so I can check for CC wires? If have removed the top cover after releasing the clips, the radio controls and removed two torx screws from the lower cover, one black and one silver. However, the cover does not want to move and I am afraid of applying too much force. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.