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  1. Already with you pal so come on people in the Northwest check out the link :)
  2. I have done one better i have added the event on my forum and on my Facebook profile page and on my Twitter page good luck with this event pal i hope it's a big one :)
  3. Lol Wes i know it's a meet but some of us call them car clubs as well i even have a sticker on my car to prove i am in that car club/meet and mate yes of course i do remember you i only spoke to you last week i will do my best to get to the Albert Dock :)
  4. I have joined your Facebook page good luck with this but i must say i am already in one car club at the moment but i would not mind checking out other meets in the liverpool area You said the meet might be on 12/04/14 this is a Saturday fortunately i am in work but i would of loved to have gone
  5. I was there at the meet tonight in Liverpool the location was moved due to the rain to Huyton Asda i was glad to have met some of you guys who turned up from this forum.So despite the weather at least some of you guys from here made the effort to turn up thank you and thank you for sharing your cars with us i hate the rain it ruins everything :)
  6. I have the same problem my daughter maybe coming with me and she is not keen either but i think i can get her grandad to mind her as i deffo will be there.I hope it works out for you Wes and i hope you get to make it there mate as this may be the only chance to meet on this monthly Liverpool meet it was at a different location last time and this one i have been told might be a permanent location
  7. I think i will be the only Fiesta mk3 Si there as these cars are rare these days nice to know your going as well Andy so you have Ford Focus mk1 RS very nice mate looking forward to looking at both of your cars tonight
  8. Yes i will look out for your red Fiesta ST also looking forward to meeting you i am glad your going we should try to get more to go so if you know anyone that's great.I am doing my best i have advertised the meet on my forum and on my Facebook page and on Twitter
  9. Yes your right that is the one i am turning up to tonight it begins between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm here is the full address and this can be found here on my forum i hope to see some of you guys there Address and location Thursday 27th March 2014 Stone Bridge Park and Ride Liverpool L110BB off the east Lancs rd Also it can be found here on my forum http://1stforfordcars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=2
  10. robertson123

    My Ford Fiesta mk3 Si 1.4

    This is my new car as my old car my Ford Fiesta mk3 Si replica has now been scrapped but you can still see what it looked like in my pics in my members gallery
  11. robertson123


    From the album: My Ford Fiesta mk3 Si 1.4

    My new addition to my car my custom sun strip i designed and made the Fiesta Si sign myself i hope you like it
  12. How are you doing Pamela nice of you to join FOC welcome and have fun :)
  13. Hi Luke welcome to the forum buddy i will see you around
  14. Hi buddy i think you made the right choice in choosing a Ford Fiesta mk 7 over the Clio do you still own the Clio Welcome to FOC :)
  15. Hi Kirsty i take it you have a mk 7 Ford Fiesta then cool welcome to the club enjoy your stay here
  16. It is a nice car your getting there Tom i like that model and the new Ford Focus mk3 ST there both nice anyhow mate welcome to the Ford Owners Club :)
  17. That's great to know my post on Twitter is about getting people's meets noticed for them and my own meets when they get up and running also i need help in arranging meets myself in the Liverpool area and other areas as long as they are not too far.Are you interested in helping me out on this as i have tried on this forum to see if people want to meet in the Liverpool area but no joy as they travel to other areas as well but i am trying to get more meets in the Liverpool area which is closer to home
  18. On my Twitter page above there is a meet happening tomorrow in Liverpool anyone can turn up here is the Location of where it is at or just click on my Twitter page here thank you https://twitter.com/RobFiestamk3 LOCATION CAR CRUISE LIVERPOOL MONTHLY MEET THIS THURSDAY 19:00 STONE BRIDGE PARK AND RIDE LIVERPOOL L110BB opposite stage coach depo
  19. Good for you is there any meets in Blackpool where you are i am from Liverpool and i am struggling on here to get people to meet in the Liverpool area but the meets on here seems to be miles away.I have traveled to Blackpool before from Liverpool it takes about an hour so if you know of any meets happening up that way let me know thanks.I guess i need to look further than Liverpool i know of a Preston meet that happens every Wednesday night about 7 to 7:30 but my days off are awkward
  20. If anyone wants to help me out and arrange some meets in Liverpool and other areas as these areas will be taken into consideration as well please checkout my Twitter page i made yesterday looking forward to you visiting thank you https://twitter.com/RobFiestamk3
  21. I would love to go but because of my work i can't make it any chance anyone on here know some meets happening on Mondays or Thursdays thanks
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