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  1. Wow!!! I just have to thank you for this incredible invaluable information :o
  2. Thanks mate :) Yesterday I managed to install Microcat, according to the thread in my post above. A message tells me the version is to old, so it won't start until I change my computers date back some months. Then it works OK. In my opinion a minor problem. After all, I will use it occasionally. Now I can search up my VIN and find all relevant parts :P
  3. I was hoping these parts catalogues (Microcat and FordEcat) were open for other then dealers. Seems you've to pay a substantial fee to get access. Is this correct? Edit: Oh, found this thread: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php?t43401.html
  4. Hi again ... I've read some discussions on Internet regarding locking the doors while driving. I will not bring up that discussion in here. I am just curios how the system react in a crash. Some say that most modern systems will unlock the doors, if the air bags goes off. May seem off-topic, but many of us enable autolocking. Anybody who knows how this works on our cars?
  5. ELMConfig -> HEC -> Configuration -> Page 2 -> "HEC Level 2/3 Menu speedlock suppression" Reading this thread, I've the impression people think this is were we enable submenus in the cars display. I believe this is were we enable which menus will be available when the car moves. I tested it to day. I ticked all of them. Then I could even operate the steering setting, while I was driving. Seems to me you can do everything in the menus, if everything is ticked. When I removed all of the six submenus, I couldn't operate the ESP function any more, which I normally can. It might not be a good idea enabling other submenus though. I don't want to take the blame if some of you crash, playing with the menus
  6. Sorry, I don't have a voice control, so I can't play with it. Could it be you get a voice control menu or something in the cars display? About setting the voice control to english, have you tried "English language" at page 1 of the HEC module or directly in the menus in the cars display?
  7. I tried to follow this procedure. I don't have the lock and unlock buttons in the doors, only handles and no double locking. I used the buttons on the key fob instead. OK, it didn't work. I guess it's not possible to activate or deactivate auto locking on my mk 2.5 2010 model then. That's no problem, because the procedure seems to be hard to execute and remember. It's perhaps easier to to do it in ELMConfig. But the scary thing was that I partly lost contact with the GEM module, after running this procedure. I could read TDC's and the things at the (first) information tab from the GEM, but I couldn't read the configuration or reset the module from the procedures tab anymore. There were a bunch of DTC codes in the GEM end the door modules. They all seemed related to the performed procedure. I was about to loosen the battery clamp to reset the electronic, hoping that the GEM would come on-line again. But first I tried some functions of the door module, like locking and unlocking using the handles and the RKE system. I don't know what exactly got the GEM on-line again, but luckily it's working again. Since I had this unpleasant experience, I chose to untick "Autolocking enabling by customer". I hope this will prevent the GEM going off-line, if the procedure is performed again, though I didn't had the courage to test it. I've a feeling the GEM got confused, because I don't have the lock buttons in my doors.
  8. OK thanks :) Then I think I leave mine un-ticked. Are you saying your voice control is working?
  9. ovideatza, glad to hear you fixed the driver problem :) Regarding the PTC question, I got the impression that you want see while the the heater is active, not just query the status momentarily. Well, the message stays in the display while the PTC is on and disappears when it switches off again. At least that how it works in my car. It will be overwritten if new messages appears, but the info LED will stay lit. I think you can fetch the old messages in one of the submenus as well. Just out of curiosity, I see you have ticked a few options which I have not. Was they ticked "as-built"? "Water in fuel" sensorESP misbuilt detectionFuel cap sensorFocus RSNone of them was ticked "as-built" on mine. Do you think any of them could be useful for me? :P
  10. About a year ago, I bricked a bluetooth elm adapter. I tried step 2, since I read the elm327 spec, which pointed to pin 6. Then I read that there were other chips. I checked mine. It was a PIC18F25K80. I did step 3, but still I had no luck. So I read this post. Thank you Brazh! I had a PL2303TA laying around (http://www.wvshare.com/product/PL2303-USB-UART-Board-type-A.htm) for a Raspberry Pi, so I did step 4. I de-soldered the bluetooth module and then connected ground, RxD and TxD signals from the elm chip to the PL2303 module. I managed to de-brick the elm adapter B) I spent some time doing this. Not worth it, considering the low prices for these adapters. But it was exciting and I learned a few things :P I read the PL2303TA chip is capable of 6 Mb/s transfer rate. People at this forum tell us to get the adapters containing the FTDI chip to get the 500 kb/s high transfer rate. Well, the PL2303 chips are also capable of high transfer rates. The speed test in ELMConfig is nice. I ran the test through the PL2303 chip. With the bluetooth module, I only achieved 38400 baud. The PL2303 gave me 256 kb/s, but it didn't pass the 500 kb/s test, even it's capable of 6 Mb/s! I think the PL2303TA supports 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600, 4800, 7200, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 614400, 921600, 1228800, 2457600, 3000000 and 6000000. The TA version (and others) also support 110*, 56000*, 128000, 134400, 161280, 201600, 256000*, 268800, 403200, 806400. As you can see 500 kb/s is not there. It looks like ELMConfig only probes for some of these values. Maybe ELMConfig is more suited for the FTDI chip? It would be nice if Civil could build in more support for the PL2303 chip. It certainly has good high speed properties. Maybe it depends on the baud rate capabilities of the elm chip? I also think it would be nice if Civil put in support for higher speeds than 500 kb/s. The higher the speed is, the lower the chance is to overflow the elm and UART buffers. Again, it could be limitations of the elm chips. It's hard to find information about this, but it looks like the PIC18F25K80 at least is very sophisticated regarding baud rates. This chip is a general microcontroller. It's the elm firmware that turns this chip into elm327. The microcontroller can have the baud rate capabilities we need, but the firmware can be the limiting factor. I learned something, but as you see, new questions arise. If someone can fill in some holes, I would be very interested to hear from you. This might be boring stuff for some of us, but I think it's important to understand the technology to cope with all the problems people at the forum get ;)
  11. Another thing ovideatza! When you say "Problems started after Windows 7 64 bit reinstall", does this mean you had a pre Windows 7 system earlier? If so, PL2303 copies from China can cause problems. When Profilic (the maker of the PL2303 chips) discovered this, they fixed their drivers to not support the pirate chips. Since Win7 and later versions fetch the latest drivers from Internet automatically, you'll get the non-working drivers. It's not a problem in WinXP, since you can keep the old working drivers. If you then upgrade to Win7, you'll get problems.
  12. Sorry to hear that! I think you'll need some time troubleshooting this problem. There are so many possibilities. You've to eliminate them one by one. Be absolute sure you've chosen the correct COM-port, the virtual ones associated with the elm-box! When you pull out the usb cable (or switch off the bluetooth radio), those ports should disappear.Google "elmconfig win7 64 bits" for other persons having the same problem!Verify that the hardware is OK by installing elmconfig on your other machine!Remove both ELMConfig, RuntimePack and drivers you might have, and reboot you computer! Then reinstall!As you said yourself, look for other drivers for the virtual COM-port! Then you'll need to know which COM-port chip you have inside the elm-box! Perhaps you can look up this in Device Manager (under properties for the COM-port), if you manage to get it working on your other computer. You can also connect it to a Linux computer. Then read the bottom of /var/log/messages! There you'll find some text describing the COM-port hardware. Otherwise, the best is to open the elm-box. It's important to be sure you get the correct drivers!If it still doesn't work, remove the software and drivers again! Reboot, then search for traces of software and drivers in the Registry! Delete these entries! You should probably take a backup of the Registry first! This is not an easy task and requires some experience with Windows. Then reinstall drivers and software!This is not a complete list of possibilities. Just the ones I can think of. I hope you sort out your problems :)
  13. Yes, I can confirm it's down. It was working a couple of hours ago.
  14. Then I would guess the hardware is ok. What about your COM-port settings in ELMConfig? What about the RuntimePack? Have you changed any settings recently? You could eventually test it on another computer.