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  1. Focus Cambelt Damage

    Hi, I have just got my car back from the garage yesterday, and to say that i was surprised at the damage found is an understatement. Because in the process of doing the checks and repairs on it. They reckon that the cambelt jumped one tooth, and that is why it would not idle and broke down on the way to work last week. As they said that they found that the timing was out, the cambelt had a hole in it, and the tensioner also has a piece of metal embedded in it. And the recovery guy from hell, ran the engine three times up to 3000 + revs, before he had to admit he had to recover it back to my choice of garage. I suspect that when I had the cambelt changed 2 years ago, one of the rocker cover bolts had to be drilled out as it broke when the fitter tried to remove it. And I think that some of the swarf ended up on the cambelt area. The stud was replaced, but the swarf was left on the cambelt. I have the cambelt here, and around the hole I can see slivers of silver on both sides. Also it was pointed out to me by the garage that did the work this week, that the tensioner wheel is made of hard plastic. But it has a sharp piece of swarf embedded in it.
  2. Focus Cambelt Damage

    I saw the belt this morning and it looks quite new, the manufacturers marks are very clear and i could not see the shiny damage as shown above. But when photographed with a flash, the damage does show up. So the belt is going to be changed again, all of the pulleys and tensioners will be checked and maybe replaced. The timing will be checked, and i have also asked for the water pump to be changed as well. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  3. Focus Cambelt Damage

    Hi, Are the date marks an expiry date for the rubber belt? As i work maintaining trains, and we have rubber parts we fit to the trains which have expiry dates. It is surprising how many pieces get thrown away from stores. Thanks.
  4. Focus Cambelt Damage

    JW1982, Many thanks for the reply. Looking at what you have written, makes me think of the other fault that the car had, which originally put it into the garage for repairs. And i am now wondering if this could be the cause of the problems i am having? I was driving to work on Monday, i drive 25 miles to work each way. And 3 miles from work as i went to stop at traffic lights, and when the revs dropped the car stalled. I could keep the revs up when i re-started, but when i went to select gear the revs dropped and the car stalled. As it is an automatic, i had to start the car keep the revs above idle, select gear and drive the car onto the pavement. Before that everything was ok and no problems with idling at any stops i made before before this. The garage i had the car recovered to, found a temperature sensor showing 175 degrees, and they changed the sensor and the lady said this dropped to 125 degrees. They have done other work, but it has now been stopped as the cover for the cambelt has been removed and they found it as in the picture above. So they do not want to run the engine anymore until i get there tomorrow, to see this for myself. Thanks.
  5. Focus Cambelt Damage

    Hi, Thanks for the replies. I will check the inside of the cover tomorrow. I am puzzled as to why there should be shiny high patches on the belt and dark low patches. I would have expected a flat uniform wear colour on the face, it makes me think of a 'bounce' when the belt is moving I am not sure of what engine it is, i think the car is a petrol Ford Focus Duratec 16V 1.6LX automatic. Thanks.
  6. Focus Cambelt Damage

    Hi, Many thanks for the replies. I have owned the car since 2009, and the mileage at purchase was 15,269 miles. I am having the belt changed again tomorrow, along with the other belt that was supposedly changed at the same time as a precaution. I will also ask about the tensioner, as this belt does look overly worn to me. And I am just wondering how the hole could have occurred? I will ask for the belt to be kept aside for me, and i will check for the date marks that you have mentioned. Yes i am lucky for the mechanic to have found this. Thanks.
  7. Focus Cambelt Damage

    Hi, Can i pick the brains of someone who is motor mechanically minded? As this is the damage that a garage has found on the cambelt of my 2005 Ford Focus estate car. The cambelt was changed in May 2015, and this damage was only found by accident, by another garage mechanic today. Who was trying to diagnose another fault on my car, and in the process i presume he had to remove the cover to expose the cambelt, and he found this damage as shown here. Does anyone have an idea what might have caused this, on a cambelt that has been in place from new for 2 years and 2 months? I forgot to add, that the cambelt was supposedly changed at 62.571 miles and the car has now done 80,353 miles (17,782 miles difference) Thanks.
  8. 2005 1.6 Focus auto estate problems

    Hi, I got the car back and they found the following codes: U0155 Lost communication with instrument panel cluster U0001 High speed CAN communication bus U0101 Lost communication with TCM P1260 Theft detected, vehicle immobilized I have to take the car back if i get any more problems, as they suspect the instrument cluster may be breaking down.
  9. 2005 1.6 Focus auto estate problems

    Hi, I have had a reply back from the garage about this problem, and they say they have found some error codes. I don't know which one's yet until i pick up the car, but one thing that was mentioned was about no comms with the dashpod?
  10. Hi, I am wondering if anyone would have any ideas about what is causing these problems? A week ago, during the heavy rain going to work, I got an Engine Systems Fault come up on my dashboard. I stopped the car, switched off and after about 2 minutes I switched on again and the fault was gone. No other faults with the car until today. Whilst driving, most of the dashboard display warning lights came on, and again for a moment I got the Engine Systems Fault come up. I stopped at some traffic lights, and the Engine Systems Fault warning went off. I then still had most of the lights on still, and I got a Transmission Malfunction warning come up, and I lost the main display for the auto gearbox. I could change gear whilst stationary, but the warning was still there. I switched the car off, and on again to move to a safe place, I lost the warning lights, the auto display came back. But I then had a red light next to the Acceleration Reduced warning. I managed to limp the car home, switched off and then back on again a minute later, and everything was back to normal again.
  11. can't receive or send messages?

    Hi, I was wondering about the PM facility, as i have got an e-mail about receiving a Welcome PM. But for the life of i cannot find the PM function anywhere. Gary
  12. Hi to all

    Hi, My name is Gary and i have an 05 plated automatic Ford Focus 1.6LX estate. And i am still after 4 weeks just getting used to it, the only thing that i have changed on it are the headlight bulbs for some Xenon one's. And i would like to thank the members here for helping me, with explaining about getting the headlights out. Gary