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  1. Cylinderhead Bolts

    cheers dan
  2. Cylinderhead Bolts

    it had cambelt changed 10000miles ago i will figure it out at weakend when i strip the cover of cherrs for help
  3. Cylinderhead Bolts

    dan i had an extra fuse in my fuse box it was only conected to one of the wee metal bits on fusebox must have been causing bad earth sorted now cherrs
  4. Cylinderhead Bolts

    cheers dan coulyou send me somthing with timing marks am hopless on computer i think my head gasket is on its way out
  5. Cylinderhead Bolts

    dan changed buib twice fuses ok the lights work fine till i go to flash somewonout then drivers side goes out let the stock go it comes back on
  6. Cylinderhead Bolts

    still need helpp whith my front ofside light when i tern side lights on work ok main beam ok. when i turn my full beam on main fullbeam comes on on the near side light but turns full beam of on drivers side light just leaving side light when i turn full beam back off main beam comes back on
  7. Cylinderhead Bolts

    its ok ppeople just priced them copers will replace them cheers
  8. Cylinderhead Bolts

    could someone please tell me if i need to chang cylinderhead bolts when doing gasket also when i put my fullbeam on my ofside light goes of lights working fine otherwise need fixed for mot
  9. Clutch

    for those who are going to try this therself i used a lace to strech sppring took me about20 min but got there in end
  10. Clutch

    mick just bled system cluch working fine plastic bleed niple lift metal clip tunn with hand simples cheers
  11. Clutch

    the spring was a nightmer but got ther in end
  12. Clutch

    just replaced it now someone on here told me to replace master cylinder first going to try and bleed it nowlet u no how i get on cheers for help much apreciated
  13. Clutch

    were will it be leaking from just going out now aftre 12 hour shift happy days were is the bleeding niple thanks for replying so quick
  14. Clutch

    cheersbought mastercylinder today do i need to bleed clutch after i change it
  15. Clutch

    there is no resistance when pressing clutch peddle