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  1. Just sent you pics pete
  2. Have you got an email address, I have taken a picture?
  3. Thanks again for your video pete!! I found the vacuum shaft and it was already disconnected from a yellow ball joint that looked like the end of the flap rod??? The tinkering is still there, should I pull the rod out?
  4. Small world, I provide customer service for "welcome family holiday park" in dawlish warren!! Hope it drys out for you soon buddy ;)
  5. Fantastic! Thankyou! ......... Devon! Yep you guys have really got bad at the moment!! I'm up in Norwich and its been wet here but nowhere near as bad as you guys!!! Hope you have a boat too ;)
  6. That's really helpful Peter!! I'm going to have a go at this tomorrow morning and I will let you know how it goes, if you do happen to come across any pictures or diagrams that really would be a bonus but thanks so much for tour help so far!!! I thought I would have no option but to pay Ford over a grand to sort this out, I had heard you can do something DIY and this must be it :) thanks so much Pete ;)
  7. That's probably what I meant... The manifold gasket, that has to be renewed if the cover is taken off? That's if I have to even take the cover off to do the procedure Pete mentioned above
  8. With what I've described above about the 3rd and 4th gear not pulling as good etc, any ideas how long I've got before the clutch gives way or is that a million dollar question!!??
  9. Thanks Peter, would I need to take the manifold cover off and get a new head gasket? I'm no mechanic but have been told if I remove the cover it will need changing? If this is as easy as you make it sound, I will pay for the clutch to be done and try this bypass when I have some time.... And confidence I'm not going to screw the engine up haha!!! Thanks again peter
  10. Thanks guys, I've booked her in for Tuesday, New clutch with Labour approx £350!!! Car only cost me 650!!! I love the car but feel I'll have to sell it is also making a tinkering noise when idle which I think is the butterfly flaps :( Ford said £90 an hour to look at!!! No thanks!
  11. Hi all, I wondered if anyone had any ideas on the following.... I was driving to work this morning and when I was accelerating in 3rd and 4th, the revs were increasing but the car was very sluggish and not pulling unless I dropped the revs and 're-accelerated!?? Only way of describing it is driving on ice trying to grip while revs raise?? Help!?? Please if anyone has an incline? Its petrol btw
  12. Thanks Mick, I will check that tomorrow and get back to you :)
  13. Hi All, Im new to this but wondered if any pro's out there could possibly help me. Ive just bought a ford mondeo zetec 2 litre petrol 2002 reg car. Its a great car that passed its MOT in November with no advisories. Couple of things ive noticed, when the car is running on idle there is a "tapping/clunking, rattling noise coming from near the cam belt area. It doesn't sound too bad but I know anything making noise like that in an engine isn't good!!! I cant hear it once the car is moving???? Also, there is a squeaking noise coming from the right rear side of the car? I am going to take it to the ford garage in the next week or so but just wondered if anyone could advise me what they could be as to prepare myself for the repair bill!!!! Thanks in advance. ;)