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  1. hi the services were done between 2006-2010, ford stamps appear so im assuming it was done through a main dealer. if I can locate the garage they can print me a list of the things that were done, thanks for posting reply.
  2. Bonnet Catch

    lucky you :)
  3. Bonnet Catch

    went to ford dealer and ordered bonnet catch mechanism, had to leave spare key with them as they build the lock around your key, cost €40 for backstreet mechanic to drill out, €55 for bonnet mechanism from ford, and a further €45 to fit, pain in the !Removed!. ford need to address this issue and put a normal interior bonnet release in focus, full stop!
  4. hi im looking to locate the garage that serviced my wife's ford so that I know exactly what was done on the vehicle, the stamp in the service book is; Ford Engineering & Servicing Specialists; ID542668; Essex DU124QY. I have called Ford UK who put me through to a garage but they have no record of the services and say it wasn't done through them. anyone have info on the ID number or how to locate the garage that done the services? all comments very welcome? thanks
  5. I have lost my ford focus service book when moving house recently. I intend to sell the car in the coming months and im afraid I wont get the value for the car without service book. the book showed at least 8 ford service dealer stamps spanning several years. the car was bought in UK (ford services done in UK) but is now in Ireland. is there any way of retrieving the info/stamps? or is there any way of getting a new service book that shows the ford stamps? please help...
  6. Bonnet Catch

    my bonnet catch would not open, left it to mechanic and he had to drill it out and put a long screwdriver in to open, new mechanism ordered, its a common problem. why don't they just have a normal bonnet opener....
  7. Missing Manual

    thanks folks...ill have a look at owners manual again but cant recall seeing it on 1st read, thanks for help :) I do have the phone symbols on the radio so I presume I can get it working if I have the right guidance...
  8. Missing Manual

    the main reason I want the radio manual is to hook up the phone capability which features on the radio, will the link you sent to manual feature this?
  9. Missing Manual

    many thanks for the link
  10. Missing Manual

    any advice on sourcing a missing radio/phone manual for a 2010 focus? many thanks
  11. Missing Manual

    hi guys, I recently bought a 2010 ford focus and it turns out im missing the radio/phone manual. the guy I bought it from cant find it. where can I source this? thanks in advance...
  12. thanks for the feedback, will keep them all in mind going forward, thanks again...
  13. hi folks, im new to the club, looking for some general advice. I recently bought a car with high enough mileage, 83000 miles on clock (2010 focus). My work will see me accumulating between 20-25 thousand miles per year so im looking for advice on; - how to maintain the car as best I can - any general tips on servicing - care for diesel cars - any other info that may be relevant thanking you in advance - any advice very welcome - thanks eamonn