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  1. Hello All, I have had a '04 Fiesta LX 1.4 Durashit since August '13 and it has always been problematic. It has all of the symptoms described in the original post (some slow gear changes and on a rare occasion the yellow cog of death...) and also the occasional clutch judder at pull off (happens when trying to pull away very slowly - like in slow traffic) as mentioned by someone earlier (this may require a further procedure ). I have had the car looked at by independents and the Ford main stealer - Who quoted me £2500 to "maybe" fix it, and charged me £100 for the privilege!! As the car has devalued so much I've now decided to try and fix the problem myself. I have some mechanical experience, service, brakes, timing belts, clutches, etc. With many vehicles from cinquecentos to transits, So in theory this should be a piece of p*ss. B) But I take nothing for granted!!! I will take up the gauntlet of filming the procedure and I'll upload it to YouTube, *if I succeed*. If not I will disappear quietly into the cyber darkness... Wish me luck...