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  1. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Interesting this my mates dash has gone cuckoo on his mk1 focus. I have forscan and also foccus although ive used it ob a mk3 i assume its backwards conpatible with a mk1. His mileage is pretty low so finding a set of clocks with a mileage less than his is going to be like finding rocking horse poo. So if i get a replacement ipc how do i set the mileage to be correct? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Mine has started doing this i have disc brakes at rear.
  3. Phil's Build Thread

    I have seen led fog bulbs in halfords.
  4. Upgrade Reversing Bulb On Mk3 Focus Zetec

    Did you replace them and were they any good? As i am looking at doing the same did try some led ones but although the light was whiter it wasnt any brighter infact id say worse.
  5. Focccus guide required

    I wonder did james ever write the guide to using focccus including what to do if it doesnt work.
  6. I also fitted one of these and had the same issue as you holes too small had to run a drill through them. I forgot which holes i was supposed use and ended up going straight for firm lol. Does make a big difference in cornering. Just wish i could find a front one
  7. Engine Ticking Over Loudly

    Not sure if the 1.0l is the same as the 1.6 but mines runs a high pressure fuel pump which is run off the cam shaft and can tend to sound rattly but the sound is normal on mine.
  8. focus mk 3 fuse box cover question

    Did you find out
  9. Focus start stop problem

    Mine wasnt working for ages regardless of the switch the voltage all correct. Car went in for service so i had a moan about it. As if by magic its working again obviously the garage did something
  10. Disc & Pad Upgrade

    I have ebc discs and pads on the front of my mk3 and they are alot better
  11. installing a sub

    This is mine i built myself. Its in a mk3 focus its a slimline sub so you dont need a huge box. The amp is fiited as part of the sub made by pioneer came with a remote boost adjust and works pretty well. Especially as it is my first attempt lol. I can still use my boot ok.
  12. I used to live in stourbridge went to thorns school. Now live in droitwich but frequent stourbridge alot as parents still live there.
  13. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    You seem pretty clued up jw1982.
  14. Yeah i just want to check my process is correct?