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  1. Clutch Noise

    thanks Richard- Is that something that could be checked out easily or is it more labour intensive
  2. Clutch Noise

    Please help- I drive a 2010 Focus 1.6 TDI hatch and recently have noticed a noise -like an abrasive squeak- when changing gear-seems worse when starting off from cold. It was recently serviced and MOT's and clutch operation seems ok. Should I be concerned? Many thanks
  3. Remote Spare Key Reprogramming

    thanks a lot dezwez. Both keys working fine now, much appreciated. Glad I joined the forum!
  4. Remote Spare Key Reprogramming

    I've just tried reprogramming the one immediately after the other but it still only works for the last one reprogrammed Thanks anyway
  5. Can anyone help. I have a 2010 Focus and changed the remote key battery. It didn't work initially but after following guide on reprogramming on youtube(moving key in position 2 to 1 in ignition four times) I thought I had solved the problem as it worked immediately. However, my wife's spare remote key no longer worked. I reprogrammed it using the same technique and it worked but then my key no longer worked! My problem is now I can only have one key programmed to operate the car at the one time. Any suggestions? thanks