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  1. Ford Focus 2011 Automatic shudders in 2nd gear

    Thanks for this! Have found an outstanding recall on the focus!
  2. Hey there! My parents have a 2011 Ford Focus automatic, that has developed a fault where it shudders in 2nd gear and sometimes struggles to go into reverse. It has only developed over the past couple of weeks. The car has low mileage (Only around 15,000). Has anyone heard of this or can help?
  3. Just Bought A Fiesta!

    I recognise that dealership, tis also my local ford dealer as well! Great team in there. Welcome to the Fiesta Club!
  4. Annoying Squeaking Noise

    Thank you for info tho. As its still got some warranty left, probably worth getting it looked at!
  5. Annoying Squeaking Noise

    I think its mostly at any time, not just turning. Handy info, thanks mate!
  6. Annoying Squeaking Noise

    Its mostly on and off, sometimes it'll make it and sometimes it will be quiet when driving. Its a 2011 with 27k miles, so I'm guessing the they are still the original discs? Had a MOT and Service back in August 2013
  7. Annoying Squeaking Noise

    Yeah, mine does sound more metal sounding, but its difficult to describe.
  8. Annoying Squeaking Noise

    Hello all, Hope you can help me. Over the past few weeks, a on and off squeaking noise has started coming from the front of the car. From a rough guess it sounds like its coming from the front passenger side. Its not loud but is noticeable. Anyone have an ideas on whats causing it? Cheers
  9. Ford Fiesta Zetec S- Interior Lights

    Cheers Lenny, will take a look! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Ford Fiesta Zetec S- Interior Lights

    Ah nice one, yeah the map reading light is probably the most missed part in my opinion aha! Are there many that come up on eBay? A quick search didn't show any for me... Unless i'm looking in the wrong places? Nice one, thanks Lenny!
  11. Hello, am I bit of a lurker using all the helpful guides over the past few years but have finally appeared! I've recently upgraded from a 2010 1.25 Zetec to a 2011 Zetec S and am missing one thing I have never really appreciated and that's my interior lighting! My questions... I have the standard 'Dome' light... Is there a way of buying and fitting the Map reading lights (Submarine) in my Zetec S? (Not sure where you would buy them) Secondly, is it difficult to retro fit the LED strip above the glove box? Cheers!
  12. Fiesta Boot Problem

    Thank you for your replies! The boot release button has also decided to die, so I believe its probably something to do with the boot mechanism. Will mention it with my service which is due next month, sadly car is out of warranty by a year.
  13. Fiesta Boot Problem

    Hello guys, hope you can help... Since November, my boot has been randomly opening every so often. I disconnected the battery to reset and all was well for about 2 weeks. Now the car is doing it every trip and sometimes I can't get into the car quick enough to lock the car from the inside to prevent the boot from opening! Any suggestions?