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  1. pisco

    Key Fob & Central Locking

    You might have to re-program it to the system again.
  2. pisco

    Ford Focus Mk1 Central Locking

    Actually its for a 1999 model as that's what I have. :) I wasn't aware of the change as I don't have a new model to try it on. Might be worth adding that info to my post?
  3. pisco

    High Mileage Focus Hesitant Starting

    I have a similar issue with mine, 1.4 135K 1999. Occasionally it will take several seconds to start, normally it is instantaneous. It usually happens after a short journey, but not always.
  4. pisco

    Timing Belt Renewal Cost

    I paid £160 sans the water pump, if I had known then what I know now I would have had it replaced at the same time. I got a new pump off ebay for £17 so if it goes at least I am in a place to get it replaced quickly. But as has been said depends on where you take it. This was a one man "garage".
  5. pisco

    Central Locking Help?

    How old is the focus? Does it sound like it is locking then opening them again? If the last then it is probably a bad connection in one of the door locks. Check out the FAQ there is something in there about it.
  6. pisco

    Mk1 Lower Front Grill Removal?

    That easy? I thought it might be bolted in somewhere. OK will have a look when then the weather improves.
  7. How do I remove the lower grill ? I want to install some DRL there and mounting them off the car would be easier.
  8. pisco

    Dog Owners Which Dog Guard?

    I tried my universal one in my mk1. It took up too much boot space as the struts were straight down. At the mo I don't have anything fitted and he doesn't try and jump over into the passenger side (yet!). He has put both paws over but that is as far as he has gone.
  9. pisco

    Accident Damage= Total Loss

    I had my Mondeo (02) TDCI climate pack, 120K written off last year. I STRUGGLED to get £1000 for it from them. That was with a MINOR knock to the front wing and some scraping on the bumper. ;-( I tried to get it back as it was still usable, but when it returned from the "repairer" it's front bumper was hanging off and the OS headlight was smashed and the bonnet had had a knock. They claimed it "wasn't them" that did the damage. After lots of complaints to the insurance company I eventually got a little more from them.
  10. Any specific place I should look for a live feed? Wont be fitting them today, way to windy to concentrate out there.
  11. It there anywhere I can pick up the 12V switched supply easily under the bonnet or do I need to feed a wire from the cabin? Trying to run power to some new DRL's I got today.
  12. pisco

    Battery Voltage Level - Focus

    My Mk1 (still on the original battery I think) runs at between 12.0 - 12.4V depending on whether I have been on a long (10+ miles) journey recently or not. It jumps to 14.8 on charge with the engine running. As long as it starts and doesn't show signs of wear (slow turnover) I will not be replacing it, charging it YES but not replacing it. I use a little "intelligent" charger from Aldi to charge my batterys and have done so for several years now. If it fails to start the car even after a charge then it is time for a new battery ;-) That's my rule of thumb. Mind you I have a fully charged 100Ah battery in the shed if it fails - I bought a new one for my Mondeo 2 months before my insurance company scrapped it! b*tards.
  13. pisco

    Remote Central Locking

    If you get the beep, then pressing the keys (any one) should pair it. If it doesn't try changing the battery on the fob.
  14. pisco

    Not Sure What They're Called!!

    Great way of draining your battery. However I would do it with a timer relay (say 30Sec) that was fed from the unlock signal. So that when you opened the doors remotely the signal would operate the relay (for 30sec) which would then turn on the headlights.
  15. pisco

    Ford Focus 1999 Central Locking Problems

    I had a similar issue with mine (the original issue). But mine open all the doors. When I was installing my remote upgrade I found the drivers door switch had issues. To "fix" it I cut the wire to the car unit, Now the key only opens the door it is inserted into, Might be worth checking the green plug and make sure wire (16 I think) is connected, I wasn't to bothered about the key as I now have a pair of remote fobs to open/lock the doors.