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  1. Ford Fiesta 1.25 sucking sound problem

    Re-check all your Air Filter connections, it sounds like you're 'sucking' air in, a bit like having a K&N Induction kit.
  2. car tax

    Here you go, hope this helps:- >>CAR TAX CALCULATOR<<
  3. Midlands Breakfast Club Meet

    As this is an 'open' meet at RAF Cosford I thought I would bring it to everyones attention. There are all sorts of cars there, from clapped out Mini's to brand new Lamborghini Murcielago's. They have one every month, May's meet is fully booked now but there's still all the rest. Your admission includes entrance to the museum there. (Entry is free!!) Click the link for all the info', I might see you there one day. It really is a good day out. http://www.midlandsbreakfastclub.co.uk/index.htm
  4. Audible Warning On Ford Mondeo

    As far as I'm aware this is the same system as used on the Cougar, if it is then you can't alter the volume of the 'alarm' :(
  5. hey new boy

    Hi & "WELCOME" from one Mike to another B)
  6. Word Association Game

  7. Newbie from Seat to Ford

    Hi & "WELCOME" bud B)
  8. hey everyone!

    Hi there Rob, I get the impression that most are 'newbies', don't worry, enjoy!! B) "WELCOME" to the club matey ;)
  9. Anyone?

    ***BUMP*** I take it that's a NO then?
  10. Anyone?

    Does anyone actually use this forum/club? All the other clubs I belong to are full of chat, anecdotes, etc. Usually very busy. :D
  11. How did you find the Ford Owners Club?

    Just browsing Yahoo
  12. Introductions .....

    Hi Guy's & Girl's, Firstly....I'm VERY disappointed that the "Ford Owners Club" don't have a section for the best, & rarest, one...............The Cougar!! ;) I have a Year 2000, MTX, 2.5 V6 24V, 'X' Pack in Silver Frost, lot's of mod's, although nothing drastic, only cosmetic. List below with a few piccies. Mechanical/Technical K & N 57i, Cold Air Induction Kit, Lowered by 30mm, EBC Drilled & Grooved Brake Discs, Uprated Green Stuff Brake Pads, Twin Exhaust Back Boxes, (Quad Exit Pipes, No Baffles). Cosmetic, Exterior Clear Side Repeaters, Wolfrace Street Mantis Shadow Chrome 17" Alloys, Debadged, (Ford), Cougar Head Replacement Badges, Cougar Head Front Grille, Short Alloy Aerial, Visteon Rear Tailgate Spoiler, Alloy Valve Dust Caps, Under Bonnet Sound Proofing Removed, Cougar Sill Scuff Plates. Cosmetic, Interior Wood Finish 17 Piece Dashboard Kit, Wood, Chrome & Brushed Aluminium Gear Stick Knob. Piccies Click to enlarge PS. I have loads of pic's, the above are just a select few. Sorry for such a long post, I promise any further ones will be shorter :D I'm over 21, am a Warehouse Manager & am a Moderator on >>UKCOUGAR.COM<< (Am I allowed to put that?) Cheers Guy's Mike