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  1. Newbie Mods

    Haha sounds like a plan ;) keep threatening to mod my missus's clio lol hope it all goes well for you :)
  2. Newbie Mods

    That's a big come down! Lol well at the end of the day it's nice to have a great car but it's always better to have a house ;) Let me know how you get on with it :)
  3. Newbie Mods

    Hi mate The induction kit was great The range from 3 1/2 krevs through to 4 gave a fantastic induction sound and was a real head turner :) not sure about the power advantage but noticed the car seemed a little gutless after I removed it to take the car back to the showroom ( used the car as deposit for the St :) All in all there are a few knocking around on eBay and a new replacement filter only cost 40 quid so I would buy a second hand on so its not to your taste you haven't forked out a lot of money All in all I would say 4:5 :) Hope this helps
  4. Newbie Mods

    Oh well shortest project ever! Just signed up for a new fezzi st2!!
  5. Matte Black Vinyl Wrap Hard Water Marks

    Hi all We'll I tried the white vinegar route and............... Nope no joy :( gonna have to bite the bullet me thinks and see what ford will say, hopefully as it was a factory job they will renew it, if not they can take it off there's perfect panther black paint under the wrap Hey oh the price we pay to try and be different Thanks for all the advice!! Baz
  6. Matte Black Vinyl Wrap Hard Water Marks

    Hi all thank-you for all your input. am gonna try the white vinegar in a inconspicuous area if that fails then off to ford I go ;) Will keep you posted how I get on
  7. Matte Black Vinyl Wrap Hard Water Marks

    Hi there! Thank you for the response, I have had the car sat in Portsmouth dockyard for most of the time whilst I've been away, so by what you think it will probably be sun damage. I thought about the hard water route due to it being near the sea for a long period of time Once again thank you for your advice may have to bite the bullet and take it back to ford Thanks Baz
  8. Yet Another New Fiesta Driver

    Welcome aboard!
  9. hi all looking for some general help please I have just come back from a long tour (armed forces) my car has been parked outside for over five months, I have a fully wrapped matte black fiesta zetec s. when I left the car looked the dogs Bs now it looks like it has been bleached on the bonnet and roof se photo attatched. I can only assume its hard water staining. i have tried pressure washing the deposits off but to no avail!! tried elbow grease but I don't want to damage the vinyl. apart from taking it back to Hendy ford to try and get it re- wrapped under warranty (probably slim to no chance) I am looking for a solution to the problem. are there any products that anyone can suggest? any help would be greatly appreciated Baz
  10. Mk 7 Zetec S Best Cat Back Exhaust System Cost Over Quality

    You will probably get yours before me! Let us know how you get on!! :)
  11. Newbie Mods

    Happy with the black wrap don't see many knocking about and she's been a bit of a head turner after performance mainly but in on a bit of a budget at the mo so doing it a step at a time :)
  12. Newbie Mods

    Scousa a had a look online there's a guy In Manchester will do a full wrap for just over six hundred quid
  13. Newbie Mods

    Cheers for the link dan had a look and think for that price I'll give em a go :)
  14. Mk 7 Zetec S Best Cat Back Exhaust System Cost Over Quality

    Cheers for all the ideas guys have had a look at the cobra systems and I think I'm going to give em a go!
  15. Mk 7 Zetec S Best Cat Back Exhaust System Cost Over Quality

    Cheers! Should have done this a while ago