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  1. I tyres taking the + lead of the battery for ten mins , but it's the same, the light seem to work fine! it's lust the headlight fault message on the converse , it's a real pain ! I had a bulb out , was showing low beam headlight fault, I changed the bulbs , both sides, that's when the headlight fault message came up , was going to have it looked at at the next service, but if you fix yours befor if you could let me know the problem I ll do the same if I fix mine first , thanks
  2. There was a bloke on hear flaming to get 800+ to the tank on a mk4 2.2 titanium x sport, that's nearly 60 mpg steady ! My car gets 37 mpg average n I'm very happy with that, and think it's very good for the country roads of the highlands of scotland, and a car with 175 bhp and nearly 1 3/4 tons! I find it very hard to believe that someone could get neary twice that , for a hole tank!
  3. Zetec S, Titanium, Diesel Or Petrol

    Me to about the dates ! But it's still a very relevant topic today ! Especially with fords new lean burn high bhp per cc petrol units, they say the new 1.0 turbo petrol is a fantastic engine , at 125 bhp n over 50 mpg! 25 years ago that was rs turbo power! Don't think there's a Diesel engine made wit such low cc but high power n high mpg !
  4. Been looking about on hear for months since I got my car back in December, my wife's got a mk7 fiesta 1.6 zetecs petrol 2010
  5. Been looking about on hear for months since I got my car back in December, my wife's got a mk7 fiesta 1.6 zetecs petrol 2010
  6. Zetec S, Titanium, Diesel Or Petrol

    Bought my wife a 2010 white fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol , one owner with 21000 , full ford service history , street pack and Bluetooth , got it back in July 2013 for £7600 , private sale , nice bloke , cars fantastic, he bought it new, n REALY looked after it , the local ford dealer had the same car 60 plate white, without the Bluetooth for 9750. With 27000 on the clock . My daughter has bought a 2013 focus 1.6cdti zetec, it's a lovely car, but god it's underpowered! Is it the same engine they put in the diesel fiesta? If it is the petrol car is a much better car to drive , much more responsive, you have to REALY give the focus a lot to get up to speed, and also to overtake, so if your doing B road driving , going up and down the box , as you will have to , you will never get anywhere near the mpg that's quoted for the diesel, it all depends what your looking for, the fiesta is a smaller and lighter car than the focus , but I found my wife's petrol fiesta much more responsive than my daughters 1.6 tdci focus Hope this helps, whatever engine you go for, your getting a fantastic little car , that is by far the best in its class
  7. My father has an 07 skoda Octavia , it's a top quality car , very well made , roomy his is the older 2.0engine but yours is newer n I think just as good with better bhp , all the best with your new car
  8. My daughter has a 2012 1.6 d focus, nice car,but gutless , n to get anything out of it you will get no where near what for say, I've got the 2.2 titanium x mondeo n it's like driving a sports car com paired to the focus ,,don't get me rong the focus is a nice car but the mondeo is twice the car the focus is!
  9. Tried it last night, pulled the battery lead for ten mins , tried it again n just the same, forgot about the radio code! But had it in the service book, so if your trying it make shure you have the code for the stereo !
  10. Good morning big d , my cousin bought a new 2.0 d zetec back in 2003, it was a fantastic car back then , I only drove it once, but back then it was a REALY fast car ! And big mpg ! My mk4 I got back in December, it was a cat d , fully repaired with 61000 on the clock , it's a panther black 2009 titanium x sport 2.2 , I REALY love it, it's fast for a big heavy car, got every extra you could want, it looks real nice with the body kit , twin tail pipes , was a bit worried about buying a cat d , but this ones been looked at by the AA and they say there are no issues with the repair , but back to the point ! Your 2.0 mondeo is so mutch better mpg than mine ! But mine has 45 bhp more, and all the stuff to make it run cleaner , I've looked at having the remap and the filter thing removed, but I don't REALY want to mess with it, the car runs brill, n if I take it easy I can get nearly 40 mpg , n for a big powerful car , to me that's pretty good , my last three cars were bmws , a 330d e46 2001. A 320i e90 2005 , and a 730d 2008. Had problems with the last two, slack timing chain on the 320i only BMW would look at it, they were fantastic service at calterdons Inverness , but £90 per hour ! £160 to change the spark plugs! Had to strip half the engine to get to them! N a oil leek , cost me £1400 to sort! Traded it for the 730d after two years picked it up Friday, it caught fire on the Monday morning! Total right off Electrical falt ! So no more BMW,s for me!
  11. If I'm driving at 60 with cruse on n not busy road I to can get between forty n forty five mpg, but as soon as your driving normal conditions , it drops to 35/ 40 mpg again, so overall best average consumption is 38 mpg
  12. I've got the 176 bhp 2.2 2009 best I can get is 38 mpg
  13. I have a 2009 2.2 titanium x sport, I get 38 mpg on short runs no more than 10 miles at a time, but if I'm sitting at 60 it will return nearly 50 on the computer on cruse control , if you want big mpg then go for the 1.8 , but if you want a fast car that can return over 40 mpg in style, do 140 mph n 0-60 in 8 seconds, then the 2.2 titanium x sport is the one to go for, it's got the lot!
  14. I've got the same on my 09 plate 2.2 titanium x sport, was saying dipped beam build blown n I changed the bulbs now saying front lights malfunction, lights seem to be working ok, was going to get it looked at at next service, but if you have any info it would be much appreciated
  15. Mondeo Titanium X Review?

    Followed your thread on your mondeo, best one I've seen, n a REALY nice car, looks like you REALY improved a good car n made to grate