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  1. Hi Mike Thanks For The Info You Gave About The History Of The Car, It's Always Good To Find Out New Info. It's Great That You Recognized The Car From The Wheeler Dealers Episode (Good Episode By The Way). For A Genuine US Police Car To End Up In The UK With Nearly All Of The Original Equipment And Original Livery Left On The Car Is Very Rare...I Feel Very Lucky To Own The Car. There Was A Few Little Items Left In The Car As Well: The Original Speeding Ticket Book An Empty Flare Box Breathing Masks Fire Blankets Terrorist Awareness Info Sheet Tear Gas Soothing Spray I Was Very Surprised That No One Decided To Take Them As Souvenirs When The Car Was Being Shipped Over To The UK. Would It Be Possible To E-mail You Directly As It Would Be Great To Find Out More About The Car And Police Department Of Goshen Thanks Again Damian
  2. It Was Crazy On The Day With Hundreds Of People Around The Truck, I Spoke To The Guy In Charge And He Told Me All I Had To Do Was Wait For The Crowds To Die Down And They Were More Than Happy For Me To Bring The Car On To The Area Next To The Truck And Take The Pictures It Got Quite A Response When I Put The Lights And Sirens On.
  3. Hello :)

    Hi Robbo And Welcome
  4. Thanks, I Think It's A Good Take On Life Too, You Have Only Got One Life So Why Be Like Everyone Else, Be Different, A Lot Of People May Disagree But It's My Personal Take On Life.
  5. Hi Mark Welcome, Also From The West Mids (Bilston)
  6. Thanks For The Comments, It's Not The Most Practical Car For Everyday Use With It Having A 4.6 Litre V8 Engine, But I Always Wanted One And Life's Too Short To Pass Up On Opportunity's To Get Your Dream Car When They Arise. Would Love To See Your Model A Pick Up When Its Complete, A Pic With The Two Of Them Together Would Look Awesome. And As For Not Being Standard, It's All Down To Personal Choice, But Why Not Be Different And Stand Out. (Too Many Sheep In Life Not Enough Shepherds)
  7. Yes It Is, Every Time I Put My Foot Down My Bank Balance Gets Smaller But The Smile On My Face Gets Bigger. :D :D :D
  8. JYoloG Here Are A few More Pics As Promised Of When The Car Was On Wheeler Dealers
  9. This Thread Is Never Ending, Just Like My Fuel Bill LOL
  10. Hi Thanks For The Comment But I Will Have To Decline Your Offer Of A Swap :D Got Some More Pics Of When It Was On Wheeler Dealers Will Dig Them Out And Put Them On
  11. Put This Pic On Before But It Seems To Have Disappeared Off The Forum Here Is A Pic Of My Car And The Coca Cola Truck When It Came To The West Mids Just Before Christmas
  12. I Wonder If That Will Be As Welcomed As The Crown Vic Was <_<
  13. What Car Did They Replace The Crown Vic With?
  14. Here Is A Pic Of The Car At A St Patrick's Day Parade In New York State In 2011