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  1. Hi, my remote key has badly worn down, and just managed to start car. I have the spare none remote which is as new.can i somehow use the spare key( none remote) and convert it to a remote,using the old keys remote body?
  2. Laser projector lights

    Hi, I have. A 2003 focus, 5 door hatch. I have just bought 2 laser projector lights, that fit under door card, and shine the ford logo onto floor, in the dark. the door catch is on the pillar, In between front and rear door, is there an easier way of picking up the wire that controls the interior light to come on, that I can tap into, to make my projector lights come on,as I open the car door ? oh and by the way, there are no wires inside the door card for this . So will have to trace and tap a wire, but from where ?????
  3. Could anyone please tell me why , when I sometimes start my car the revs go up and down slightly, then usually when I rev the engine , it goes back to normal. The car drives perfect, no stalling etc etc, just this revs thing happens once in a while, any answers out there, cheers , Roy.
  4. I've just fitted lights to my 2002 focus, there were no wires behind glove box, so I spliced into interior light, and ran cable down A pillar They fade in and out when door opened, but when totally switched off at interior light dome, the footwell lights still come on , when door opened, but they do fade out after time, is there a way round this? Because if I had the car door opened for say cleaning hoovering etc the lights would remain lit.