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  1. I have a C-Max 1.6 TDCI with a CVT Automatic Gearbox which I bought Brand New in May 04 from Dovercourt in Chelmsford and ever since I have had this Car and especially in the first 12 months the car was a danger to driver due to the loss of power when pulling out at roundabout, turning etc. The answer was always the same return it to the main dealer who tested the car but could never find any fault, eventually I managed to get the car to them leave it running and they then experienced the same problem as me. After several attempts and always adjusting the managemet system they managed to get it run as near normal as possible but never right. In the last 6 months it has been backwards and forwards to the same dealer as I have been losing power again, the gearbox has been snacking at the gears and I have been experiencing stalling whilst in gear which to say the least is most annoying, this has now transpired that last week I parked the car on my driver last Wednesday started the car up on Thursday and the car would not go backwards or fowards. The car was towed into Dovercourt who advised me later in the day that the Gearbox has broken up and will cost £4637 to be repaired. I was gob smacked as the car has only done 80000 miles. What I am trying to find out how many other have experience the same problem as me and had any luck with Fords/Main Dealer in contributing to the cost?? Thanks