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  1. New Fiesta - front brakes grinding

    My 13reg Fiesta did this until i changed the pads to EBC,problem cured.
  2. My 3 cyl non turbo struggles to warm up when temp is below 4deg outside.When it does reach 4 bars all i have to is dont go over 40 mph,put the heater and blower to max and within a few seconds the temp gauge drops to 2 bars.Done this from new 3 years ago.
  3. When its cold weather,4deg and below my non turbo 3 struggles to warm up.When it does reach operating temp if i turn the heater control to full and the blower to 4 the temp gauge drops to 2 if i go below 40mph.Rev it harder and all is ok.Cars 3 year old and done this since day one

  4. Illegal Tyres?

    I cant see the insurance company being very happy if you have an accident with the wrong size tyres fitted
  5. Brake Noise

    After 3 years of the front brakes making a horrible scraping noise every morning until they were used a few times,i put in a set of EBC Ultimax pads last week and the noise has disappeared.Its not the Discs rusting overnight causing the problem,it looks like something in the standard Ford pad being the cause of the noise.
  6. Knocking noise

    As Russ suggested track rod ends.This is not good enough for a car 8 week out of warranty and 32000mile,what is going to go next ?.My last V W golf did 130,000mile and i only fitted tyres,brake pads,filters and a rear exhaust section.Think Ford are building down to a price.Spark plugs are £18 each and a dealer only part.One thing for sure,this is my last Ford.
  7. Knocking noise

    Hi.I have a 3 cylinder non turbo fiesta with 32000 mile on the clock,8 weeks out of warranty.If i turn the steering wheel from side to side with the engine off i can hear a knocking noise,plus if someone else turns the steering wheel i can feel the knock if i hold a tyre.Any ideas. Thanks
  8. Steering noise

    Hi.i Have a three cyl non turbo Fiesta,32000 mile,8weeks out of warranty.Yesterday i noticed that if i turn the steering wheel from side to side,even just a little i can hear a knocking noise.If someone turns the wheel i can feel the knock on both sides by holding the tyre.Any ideas, Thanks Paul
  9. Unleaded/super Unleaded?!

    What i laugh at are the people who moan on about a few MPG less using "INFERIOR" fuel who then get in their car start it,fidget about for ages before they move ,make sure the kids,dog,shopping etc are all in place,adjust the rear view mirror and countlesss other things then pull away.START IT LAST
  10. Wheel nuts

    Yet another stupid,money maker from Ford.Make sure the socket is the correct metric size,not an A/F equivelent one and that it goes all the way on.If the nut is really tight the sides round quite easily if not done correct as i found out,
  11. 4 wheel allignment rear axle adjust

    I thought that only the Focus back axle was adjustable,Think i would be asking the garage what they did for their money
  12. Ford Fiesta 2012 Handbrake Problem?!

    Ratchet worn ?.I was always told to hold the handbrake release button"in"when applying the handbrake to stop wear on the mechanism.Now people just pull it up making that horrible noise.
  13. Servicing Options/software Updates ?

    Had my Fiesta into a main dealer yesterday for the second service and was given a list showing what to do if the car breaks down and whats included in the cover.Never had to ask for it
  14. Migrant Crisis

    This country cannot financially afford mass lmmigration.I have not paid taxes etc all my life for Hospitals,pensions,and much more to have them taken from me when i am going to need them.My retirement age has been put back because the government cannot afford to pay it but suddenly can find millions of pounds a week to keep thousands of migrants who are going to lower my standard of life.Charity begins at home.
  15. You dont need the multiplier,you can do it by degrees according to Haynes.Had a Suzuki S J years ago and that was so simple to change,Progress ?