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  1. Focus mk 1.5 front bumper

    Thanks Mike I'll see if I can pick up a bumper and headlights from the local breakers and maybe the connectors and wiring as well, it'll be handy to see what's involved in wiring the headlights,
  2. Focus mk 1.5 front bumper

    I'm thinking of fitting a mk 1.5 facelift front bumper and headlights to my mk1, are the headlights the same size on both models, would the wiring be different for the later headlights apart from the indicators
  3. Engine under tray

    I'd say it helps keep crap of the cam belt as well
  4. Mixing oil with diesel

    I've been using Dipetane on and off for the last few years, helped with dropping emissions to get through test, http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/fuel-oil-additives/dipetane-1ltr-fuel-additive
  5. oil cooler

    thanks for the reply isetta, I've just checked the normal engine oil and water temps and you're spot on
  6. oil cooler

    can anyone explain why this is described as an oil cooler when it's attached to the block out of the airflow with the hot water from the heater flowing through it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-FORD-FOCUS-OIL-COOLER-1-8-DIESEL-1999-2005-DIESEL/251306680011?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  7. No hot air

    Hi dezwez I've only just got round to having a go at sorting the problem, the hose from the heater to the engine next to the oil filter remains cold the other hose from the heater to the cylindrical "thing" at the rear of the cylinder head is hot, what is the correct name for this cylinder. I'm going to disconnect the hose by the oil filter to see if the water runs out, if not I'll disconnect the other hose and try flushing out the heater matrix
  8. Emissions

    My 2001 Focus Endura TD has just failed the NCT (MOT) test here in Ireland on emissions with a reading of 7.860 anything over 3 is a failure, last year it failed with a reading of 4.760 so I added a litre of Dipetane to the tank and passed the retest with a reading of 0.010, this year even with the Dipetane in the tank I got the high reading, I normally wind the engine up to 3000 rpm. I spoke to a local mechanic and he said wind it up to 4500 regularly and power wash the inside of the exhaust to loosen up the soot build up, any other members regularly wind their diesels up to this kind of rpm and any thoughts on power washing the exhaust or any other tips to get the reading down, the car runs perfect pulls really strong with no hesitation and burns no oil
  9. No hot air

    Just had a check and with the fan on 4 and turn heater control from cold to hot there is a big difference in the sound of the fan, like it was redirecting the air?, I could only get to the heater hose that runs along the bulkhead this felt warm, is it possible to remove a panel in the dash to get to the matrix to check if it's getting hot, what would be the easiest way to release an airlock, another thing that I've just thought of which might be causing problems, in August when I removed the undertray to change the oil and filter I noticed the bottom hose going into the rad had a slight leak so I added some radweld which cured the leak, I'm not sure if this could block the matrix, although the temp always remained normal
  10. No hot air

    Thanks for the info and going to the trouble of adding the photos Michael, I'll have a look when I get a chance, thanks again much appreciated
  11. No hot air

    Engine temp and coolant level correct, I was thinking about the control cable, any idea where it's situated on the engine, I was wondering it couldn't be an airlock by any chance, thanks for the replies
  12. No hot air

    I've 2001 Focus diesel, the heater is just blowing cold air, turning the control knob makes no difference, it was ok till recently, any ideas, thanks John
  13. NOx emissions to high on 1.6 tdci

    I'm not sure if this helps but my 2001 Focus diesel failed the smoke test here in Ireland with a reading of 4.760 I put a litre of Dipetane in the tank and it passed with a reading of 0.010, Dipetane is available here in most motor factors and Halfords https://www.dipetane.com/
  14. Halfords 5W/30 Ford fully synthetic motor oil

    Thanks for the reply Peter
  15. I bought some of the above Halfords oil at a discounted sale price, I noticed on the container it stated for Fords 2006 onwards, I asked the sales assistant if it would be ok for a 2001 Ford and she said it'll be fine, as I have a 2001 Endura DI diesel Focus I thought I'd double check before I used it, up till now I've used Halfords 5W/30 part synthetic, I emailed the Halfords help line with no reply then tried the Comma oils helpline as I was told a while back that all Halfords oil comes from Comma, again no reply so I thought I'd ask on the forum so Do you think it'll be ok to use 5W/30 fully synthetic engine oil in a 2001 Endura DI diesel engine, thanks John