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  1. MikeyPaine

    engine management light

    That code is for the pre cat sensor right? So if the pre cat sensor is faulty. It stands to reason that it isn't the cat. Is wager the sensor is only picking up and sending a voltage when revs are massively changed. Change the pre cat lambda sensor. Blue blooded
  2. MikeyPaine

    Help Grinding

    #annoying Blue blooded
  3. MikeyPaine

    Help Focus Heater

    That's a result. For future reference euro car parts do blower motors pretty damn reasonable pricing Blue blooded
  4. Love this... Anyone want a job haha?! Blue blooded
  5. MikeyPaine

    Southwest Autosport

    I'm debating it! It's a two and a half hour drive mind! Blue blooded
  6. MikeyPaine

    Mk7 St2 Mods

    The mats are basically whatever they had in stock at factory. 2 specs for st mats. Logo. No logo. Even without logo they're nearly 40% thicker than standard mats. Give em a squeeze Blue blooded
  7. MikeyPaine

    Fiestagirl's Mk7 Titanium

    Tricky with a 5 door. Otherwise I'd say skirts. It does need dropping on it's !Removed! a little! Even 30mm should suffice. Egr blanking plates alarm me a little, but that could just be that they're a pain in the !Removed! when people don't tell me it's fitted and I'm trying to diagnose a running fault... :) Blue blooded
  8. MikeyPaine

    Help Grinding

    Book it in to a dealer and state there is a metallic grinding noise that seems to be from the driveshaft area... If they're worth their salt they'll find a tsb Blue blooded
  9. Low mileage can be as detrimental as high mileage. Ford vehicles should be serviced yearly or at 12,500 miles intervals. Unless stated otherwise, transits etc Blue blooded
  10. MikeyPaine

    Seat Belt Problem

    Likely a passenger detection sensor. You can disable the seatbelt alarm altogether on fiestas if do required Blue blooded
  11. MikeyPaine

    Ford Sync Problem, Music Keeps Pausing

    Carry out a sync master reset. Or book it in, should be a warranty item. Could be a software error with the front control display module etc Blue blooded
  12. MikeyPaine

    Help Focus Heater

    Could be anything. Short circuit in loom. Seized blower motor or a/c pump etc Blue blooded
  13. MikeyPaine

    Fiestagirl's Mk7 Titanium

    Always found the fiesta without a spoiler to look a bit 'boring'. Got any other plans? Blue blooded
  14. MikeyPaine

    Fiestagirl's Mk7 Titanium

    Spoiler makes all the difference Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. MikeyPaine

    St Of Doom

    Picked it up this morning. Not a moment has gone by that i was bored haha! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC