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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    You will find it is easily long enough and will even allow you to run it underneath the plastics at the front of the bonnet out the way of any moving parts. I haven't taken mine through MOT yet but to be safe I would just take the fuse out which will turn your DRLs off until you have passed :P I soldered new wires on as the originals aren't really thick enough and put bullet connectors on the ends of the wires from the end of the relay and onto the DRLs although you could actually get away with soldering the two together and putting some heat shrink over it just to keep the water out. So to get these DRLs working nicely all you need is a soldering iron, clear silicone (to seal the rings to the casing if you get the casing) and some bullet connectors. Obviously you will also need the standard tools to take the headlight units out and the washer bottle to get to the hex screws behind the passenger fog too.
  2. Access Rear Light Bulbs On Mark 7

    Probably worth adding that not sure there is really any point in having the wing nut on? I took mine off and left them off and they have been fine since.
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    If you got the same relay as me, you should find the relay wires are easily long enough to go from about where the fuse box is, all the way over to the driver side fog & passenger side fog. What I did do though, is replace the wires on the LED rings because the standard wire is flimsy and likely to break from bumps when driving etc.
  4. Fiesta Zetec S Twin Exhaust

    I'm pleased you like it! A lot of people have asked me if its worth the money and all I can say is yes! The longer I have it the more I love it!
  5. Fiesta Zetec S Twin Exhaust

    I don't have any real close ups right now but can take some.. next weekend is probably the next opportunity I will get when it's not dark. Pics here - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sc/6w7kr1k6c3a5asb/vI8I_bBNZW/0 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sc/buwqud54k3ou96p/A00MIBj-6_/0
  6. Fiesta Zetec S Twin Exhaust

    Sounds like you are pretty much looking for what I was. I wanted a definite change of noise but not something that would wake the neighbours up as I pull in the drive! This system definitely gives you the best of both worlds. Gives more noise definitely but it sounds nice and isn't too noisy at all. More subtle than anything! If you really want the noise from it its ready for that too. Just hit the high revs with a good amount of throttle and you can make it roar! For those moments when you are perhaps feeling the more aggressive driver!
  7. Hi, I have an in car charger and I am looking to hard wire it into my car. I have the positioning, and can easily run the wire down the side of the door behind the trim. I was just wondering - 1) Where would the best place to wire this to be? Anywhere round the drivers side footwell as this would be ideal? 2) Will running 12v through a live and negative wire to a micro USB adapter even have the power to charge my phone? Look forward to your thoughts!
  8. Fiesta Zetec S Twin Exhaust

    I have the Milltek 'cat back' on mine. So the exhaust is in 3 parts essentially - manifold, straight pipe/cat pipe, back box/cat back. At the minute I just have the back box which gives you the lovely tips and slightly improved airflow. I'm sure you could also just get the tips modified to make it look better - but that won't have the authentic sound! Milltek exhaust - http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Fiesta-Mk7-Ti-VCT-Zetec-S-Catback-Exhaust-by-Milltek_791.jsp
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Yeah 70mm rings... I still have to upload some pictures! Getting the fogs out was actually fairly easy. Take the main lights out which is just 2 torx screws, plastic clip and the wiring clip. For the fogs themselves you are better off to reach down and use a small socket wrench but again all that is needed is to undo some torx screws & a 12mm socket (off the top of my head). The driver side was easy but as you say the passenger side was tricky because of the washer bottle. The top washer bottle screw comes out with a 12mm socket. There is also a screw at the bottom but it's a bit tricky to get at. Eventually I got there by putting my hand under the bumper and just feeling it out. Small turns works best otherwise you will constantly knock your socket off. It was actually a lot easier than it looked in the end! Once you have got the two screws off, there is then a small plastic clip that is clipped into a metal hole about mid way down the washer bottle, you just need to give this a good tug. Be gentle enough that you don't take the wiring for the washer motor with it though! Make sure you lift it up a little bit and then undo the wiring clip into the washer motor, you might have to reach down a bit to get at it. It's the same loom that provides power to the passenger fog. So once you've got the bottle out the way enough just undo the two torx screws again and voila! :D
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    The way I did mine was to actually go in from behind the bumper panel by taking out the lights and the fog light assemblies. I then put my DRL rings into where the fog light sits, put the fog light in and screwed it in tight while being careful to make sure it's in the right position. So for me, the rings are held in between the fog light and its surround rather than any tape or anything. This also has the benefit of the cabling just going straight up and out between the fog light glass & the plastic surround. thanks for this - certainly makes sense! I have never actually heard the fan running after I have switched the engine off though - at least not that I can remember (maybe last summer on a very hot day but they don't come often!).
  11. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    OK so just an update... I got these fitted, the relay is working well and the DRL's look great. I haven't had a chance to take a decent picture yet though so watch this space! The only thing I would say with my relay in particular is that the '25 second coming home function' seems to be more like 5 minutes! I presume it must run off of a temporary battery that has been charged while the engine is on and because they are LED's they are quite efficient so stay bright for some time.
  12. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Also worth mentioning that I put silicone on the back of the SMD LEDs just to stop them from getting wet and causing any damage. I also changed the wires going into the circuit because the previous ones were flimsy and practically fell off!
  13. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    OK quick update on this one. It's taken me a while because I was waiting for the DRL's to turn up so I could use the casing - I didn't want exposed LED's and it was looking naff anyway. When the DRL's finally turned up (after about 3 weeks) I quickly realised I hadn't checked the size and they were way too big - no way the plastic was going to bend into shape either but I still tried to give it a go so ruined any chances of me sending them back. Anyway, I ordered some new 70mm bike ones and they are much better. The casing pretty much houses the SMD LEDs and then the rest of the board can be fully attached and made water tight using silicone. Emptying out the casing of the existing DRL was pretty simple - there is a foil film that is held down with glue. You just need to pry away the glue, take out the film by edging along it with a knife or something and then once the film is off pull the DRL ring out. You could always use that filament for something.... not sure yet though?! So, back of the home made DRL - Front of the home made DRL - Now all I need to do is wait for a nice dry weekend (please be this one!) where I can take my headlights out, get down into the fog light assembly, take that out, push the DRL in first and then put the fog light back in place. Connect up the bullet connectors and we are ready to go. Only thing is I'm still not sure how to get to the lower torx on the passenger side fog - might have to take the washer bottle and get under the car to do it! I mentioned in a previous post that I have already got the relay in place so I have tested it and its working nicely - just need the lights to go with! Will update again once they are installed!
  14. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Surprisingly not - not sure how the relay is working but they do switch off after about a minute :) Also if you are getting the same relay as me they are not turned off when dipped beam is on but dimmed by 30%.
  15. Warranty Questions

    You will have to have a look at your warranty really but I know that for lowering springs, you can get Eibach ones which are covered under the warranty - you can also get them installed by ford and this will give you a 3.5mm lower (2.5 if you have the ZS because its already lowered more than stock). Remapping your car will most definitely void the warranty instantly. The rest of the changes I am not sure about as they are only aesthetics so I can't imagine them ruining your warranty but then again they might do anything they can to try and get out of paying out. Hope this helps!