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  1. Hi everyone. I am in need of some advice on a parasitic power drain killing my battery overnight. Car in general: 2002 Fiesta new shape Duratec 1.4 petrol Full factory standard. No modifications either mechanical or electrical. Symptom: Battery is killed overnight while car is in sleep mode. Clicking sound coming from the alternator side when I touch the main earth cable to the earth pole on the battery, Would this be the starter solenoid and if so is it normal?? This clicking seems to be coming from below the alternator near the steering pump area possibly the ignition relay. Tests done thus far: New battery and battery holds charge overnight if disconnected 12.17 VDC. In the morning after re-connection & the click mentioned above all starts fine. Charging test done while car is running is 14.17 VDC. All lights working fine, no dimming & no battery light showing on the dash. Removed main earth from battery & series linked my meter on DC amps setting & get a 3.36 amps drain and the click each time I create the circuit. Removed 3 pin plug connector with main alternator cable still connected, power drain & click still present. Removed the main positive lead from the alternator to the battery and the power drain & clicking stops. Have not been able to get to the starter to remove its cable to test that as yet. Questions: 1: Would this be an alternator fault or a solenoid starter motor issue? The car does start fine without any labouring. 2: What I cannot figure out is by removing the single positive cable at the altenator stops this clicking sound. Is there another cable connected to the altenator which I cannot see leading to the source of the clicking? 3: Could there be a short to earth? 4: Could this clicking be my starter relay which, I believe may be part of the alternator circuit and stops when I remove the alternator cable? 5: Would a faulty ignition switch/starter relay cause this kind of drain? 6: Final question could one of my diodes in the alternator have failed causing the starter relay to close and create the circuit for the power drain? All comments welcome Many thanks Dark
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    Hi there Just to say hello new to the board. Have a 2002 Fiesta new shape. Being a home mechanic I am looking forward to picking some brains:)