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  1. Thanks for that Phil, I have advised dealer I want the VIN as soon as he gets a build date but he doesn't seem keen for me to have access to order progress, is emailing the factory and supposed to be ringing me to update. I will start ringing regularly. He feels that if he puts a delivery date of March 1st it will def be here by then and says "it's only six weeks away after all" I reminded him that's a total of 17/18 weeks and said ASAP!!
  2. Yes Ford have totally under estimated orders, especially it seems the Fiesta S zetec and the Titanium navigator which apparently are the two models in greatest demand as let's face it they brilliant cars. On the main Ford UK website it does state that delivery estimates are 10 to 12 weeks. Looking at the current news, car sales have been at their highest since 2007. I've had a Focus previously and now a Fiesta and they have been the best cars I've ever driven. My order is being chased up now so may get it mid Feb....but I have my fingers crossed.
  3. My delivery date was initially 10th Jan, that would have been 10 weeks. DLA even started taking the money off me for payment rate for new car. Dealer then told me a further 4 week delay and now a further 3 weeks taking it to 17 weeks, but can't give any reason for this as the order has not been processed by Ford yet, it's still in the pipeline. DLA have now given me my money back. I wonder how long Ford can delay?
  4. Yes, under normal circumstances this would be Ok but it's a Motability car which I am changing from manual to auto, a back injury problem so need this powershift ASAP. I know I have to wait as the dealers can't do anything but would just like to know where my order is in the pipeline if you know what I mean.
  5. Well here's hoping you get yours on time, you may be lucky, it's the zetec s and titanium powershift showing delays. I've been waiting 10 weeks so far and have been given estimate of 17 weeks, the dealer says the consolation is I get the 2014 reg plate if it's march but rather have the car!! Perhaps the zetec s is in high demand and the powershift gearbox is in short supply? If anyone knows why there is this extended lead time on these models I be interested to know.
  6. I ordered a focus titanium navigator powershift 4th nov, was told delivery expected late Dec then January then February, now beginning of March, If. you google... OEM lead-time Report Dec 2013 at. gedrivertoolbox.com you will see that current lead times on Ford are about 11 weeks but extended lead times for titanium powershift and fiesta zetec, so maybe this accounts for my delay. Would like to know why?