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  1. Sun Roof Leak

    Thanks guys! I have bought some wire like bike brake cable from bnq for 3 quid (3 metres!) Galvanised steel wire I think it's called. The problem is I can't find the holes to put the wire down. Looked everywhere apart from under the rubber seal as scared of damaging it. I'm going to go to Ford on Monday I think and ask them for advice and see what they say.... I'm worried about causing damage if I start pulling bits off. Thanks for your help!
  2. Sun Roof Leak

    Hi everybody! My birds fiesta has started leaking through the plastic trim that goes round the sunroof that covers the upholstery edge. The actual seal looks fine so I am assuming the drainage holes are blocked up which is where I need your help please! I can't for the life of me work out how to get to the drain holes in the roof. I am assuming they're under the rubber seal but I can't get the seal off to check and worried that the seal is glued in. Also when I look under the car I can't see where the drainage ends? Would it be in the wheel arch or cil? To make it easier for me can anybody with experience of this tell me exactly what I need to remove to get to each end of the drainage pipe please? And where they're located... The manual just says the sunroof is a complicated tedious job and should book in with a ford dealer but just for the sake of cleaning the drainage pipe ends I want to avoid having to take it to Ford. The car is a fiesta 54 reg which I think is a mk5 (possibly 4....) Many thanks for your help! Shaun