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  1. Mk3 First Service Surprise

    Well the gearbox mount is covered in oil and part of the shaft too. Seeping or leaking it shouldn't be happening on a car that hardly does any mileage. Checked our 3.5 today and that one is bone dry thankgod although it's only done 600miles
  2. Mk3 First Service Surprise

    Very unusual! Be interesting to hear what Ford have to say.
  3. Mk3 First Service Surprise

    So my 14reg 1.0 ZetecS is now a year old and so I took it into my workshop for the oil and filter change and visual check as we are an authorised ford repairer. Soon as I removed the undertray the first think I noticed was the gearbox mount covered in oil caused by a leaking os driveshaft seal. Very weird considering it's only done 7.5k miles. Anyway booked in with the dealer now for that to be replaced under warranty.
  4. Think you would more than likely get a puncture repair kit rather than a spare.
  5. Did say to my mrs earlier about when the time comes to get rid of our Mk3 and 3.5 and treating ourselves to an RS
  6. Yup my thoughts exactly. With the slimmed down exterior and the similarity to the fiesta it is a bit off putting. Although I am hearing the mk3 ones are still available brand new at discounted prices with some dealers.
  7. As an owner or both mk3 and mk3.5 ZetecS I actually prefer the exterior look of the mk3 but the centre console of the 3.5 is better.
  8. Gonna wait until I've done at least 1000miles before I give it some stick but so far all good doing about 34mpg.
  9. Think the Led light is once again available only from the ZetecS model upwards
  10. Gone for the 1.6 diesel :( silly of me I know but hoping to get the 1.0t at home remapped soon. Oh and to answer the post earlier yes I did get mats in mine :)
  11. Well I do still have my 1.0T also that the mrs has taken over. Personally I prefer the panther black to white but kinda wanted to be different.
  12. its the garage I work in. But I am changing the sidelight bulbs for the philips blue vision bulbs later.
  13. Not sure the previous post attached the pic so redone it again