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  1. Hey all, its been a long time since i posted last. I am I need of some advice, the old fatihful seems to be down a lot on power and is struggling to pull on the motorway. She can still move along but if a hill is put in front of her she just feels like no more to give, i find myself having to change from 5th down to forth and keep it there till the hill goes. never seemed to have this problem before. My first guess is a split turbo hose, but i cannot hear any obvious hissing. She has always had a bit of a flat spot between 2400 and 2600 revs but this is intermittent, no all the time. I do find when im driving down the road if i lift my foot up slightly on the accelerator pedal that she seems to find a little more go but no where near what it has been. Any ideas before i rip into the guts and remove all turbo pipes to see if i can locate a split hose Cheers Matt
  2. Photo Location Game

    How about a boat under a tree??
  3. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

    That explains it lol. I thought my car was screwed haha
  4. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

    Is yours a tdci I think they stopped production tddi in 02, also have you got a 5 or 6 speed box? If I had a leak I would see evidence of this either through smell or from sight?? Not sure
  5. Power Issues Mk3 Tddi

    I shall have a look around tonight. Thanks
  6. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

    Ok so looking on the specs my car has a 56 litre tank. I'm guess 6 litres of that is reserve so I averaged it to 50 with an average of 500 miles a tank, that would equate to 45 mpg. Does that sound about right?
  7. Power Issues Mk3 Tddi

    Don't get me wrong it's not a huge power loss, it's just a pain in the backside. If I gradually introduce the acceleration it shifts fine
  8. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

    How many litres is a tank on yours
  9. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

  10. Power Issues Mk3 Tddi

    Sorry I forgot to mention that it already was blanked and the inlet is cleared of nasty black stuff
  11. Hi Guys and Girls I seem to notice that my MK3 tddi has a few flat spots in power delivery. if im on the motorway for example if i put my foot to the floor there car will accelarate but feels like it slowly winding up to speed. if i put my foot all the way down and lift up slightly the thing picks up speed a hell of a lot quicker, if i return my foot to the carpet it seems to be bogging (if thats a good word to describe it) anyone else experience something like this?
  12. Mpg Mk3 Tddi

    Hello Can anyone tell me what kind of mileage they get on a full tank of diesel? im currently getting around 500 which i thought was a little low. I have clean and blocked off the egr and cleaned the inlet manifold out when i purchased the car. I do a 80 mile run to work and back everyday on the motorway so would think the MPG would b better. any help would be great.
  13. Photo Location Game

    Plus a hackney carriage kind of narrows it to London. Bristol has blue ones. What do you say? Let it slide. I've been missing hunting lately. Haha
  14. Photo Location Game

    In the interest of moving this on, I believe you said black cab. Nothing about being a hackney carriage. Seeing that this one has been live for what seems like an age maybe we let him have a black taxi?? What you think
  15. Photo Location Game

    I I win!! My car is a coach!!