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  1. Happy Birthday ghiaxkev!

  2. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    hi guys thought id let you know how things have been going on. dealer paid for the work done so all good on that front lol the garage did another diagnostic on it and still found no fault codes at all. they did the egr and inlet manifold clean and checked my intercooler pipe (they took it off to check it) and gave me a new fuel and air filter they found the intercooler pipe fine with no splits or tears in it. well i have driven the car around for a week giving it some good revs and the problem is still there. i really wouldnt say its even any better to be honest which is worrying. although i dont smell diesel anymore which is a tiny bit reassuring. so i think im going to have to take it back to the dealer and get them to look at it. just wondered what you guys thought it could be from here???? if it is something like the injectors i would have thought a fault code would have been logged??? if it is them (or something else expensive like £1000+ kind of thing) will the garage have to fix it as i only paid £2800 for the car in the first place or can they deem it uneconomical and just give me my money back etc many thanks :)
  3. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Hi all just an update. Locak garage has looked at the car and done a diagnostics for me. Showed no error codes whatsoever so thats good news. It needs a new fuel filter and air filter and they are doing the egr and inlet manifold clean for me as well. Total cost inc labour, both filters and vat comes to £120. Spoke to the garage i got it from and they said for me to get it done and they will pay for it. So happy days. Saves me, by the sounds of it, a bit of a messy job. Hopefully it will solve the black smoke. If not i guess ill have to take it back to the garage i got it from as from what ive read it'll prob be the injectors gone/on the way out or something ekse quite serious. Pretty sure an error code would have been found if that was the case though??!!
  4. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Finally got hold of the manager and he has told me to take it to a local grage and get them to look at it and get a quote. If its reasonable he said i can get it done to save me bringing the car back. But if it too much ill have to bring it back to him for his own mechanics to work on. So got it booked in this saturday. Really hope it just needs a clean and/or just a split hose and not something stupid like piston rings or injectors etc least he sounds willing to get it fixed for me. Thanks for all the help and advice. Very much appreciated. Ill let you know what the garage find on saturday
  5. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Do the repairs have to be done at their garage or can i get another closer to home to do.it under their warrenty? Only ask as its a bit worrying smelling fuel when driving and qould rather not drive.it about 130 to their place. Suppose i should have thought more about that before i bought it really. Not sure how that kind if thing works still waiting for manager to call. If i aint heard by 4pm today ill give him a call before they close thanks again for the help. Ill keep you updated
  6. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Cant do egr tomorrow now as gotta take my boy to a class so the weekend it is. Just thought i would mention though that on my way home from work i thought id give it some work to do so really booted it. Like doing 55 in 3rd for a few miles then up to 4th and floored it and it was a constant cloud behind me. I even started smelling something in the car. Pretty sure it was diesel. Got home and parked up and gave it some revs while stationary and its still the same so any blockage still hasnt been cleared. Rang the garage and they said that it wasnt covered on their warrenty so told him that a car i just bought shouldnt start billowing with black smoke. After a while of this he told me he would get his manager to call me in the morning. Thinking this could take a while to sort out unfortunatly
  7. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    thanks for the replies and the video link. i will try it wednesday as have a half day at work so will give it a proper clean. have got some carb cleaner and plenty of gloves and news paper. this should be interesting :D the bloke at the garage that sold me the car is back in on wednesday as well as on holiday mon and tues so will give him a bell before starting anything just in case he decides to be nice and get it done properly for me. is there no way to get rid of the eml light, because of the egr being blanked, permanently or is it a case of ecu remapping kind of thing?? and your signature link jeebowwhite makes for interesting reading. if he says he wont cover anything and i do the egr myself and it doesnt solve anything would that then put me at risk of not getting him to cough up for any work as i have then 'fiddled with it'??? many thanks
  8. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Oh and yes the egr is at the front left of the engine
  9. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    Thanks for the reply. Ill try him in the morning but by what you say i wont hold my breath that he'll get it sorted under warrenty. Unless i start going down the 'unfit for purpose' ball ache route lol. Ifs it simple to do myself i.might have to give it a go. Is there any step by steps with pictures or video guides for it on here anywhere?? And if after cleaning it still the same what else could it be? Im hoping a clean will sorr it out, or at least reduce it, and ill check some hoses while i got the kit off for splits but what would be next to look for?? Oh and ciuldnt i get the eml turned off ir something after blanking it? And would.it have any adverse effects like if im stopping the sooty carbon getting to the inlet etc surely its gotta go somewhere.... Sorry but im not a mechanic so dont laugh too hard lol
  10. Hi all. My first post here. Ive just bought an 06 plate ghia x tdci 2.0 130bhp euro 4 with 65k miles. The garage i bought it from is roughly 130 miles away. Anyway on the way home i noticed that when i floor it in any gear smoke comes out the exhaust. It looks a fair bit from the rear view mirror. Cant tell if black or white really When i got home i parked up and got the missus to rev it while stationary and black smoke really puffed out everytime but if she held the high revs, apart from the initial puff, no more smoke came out. So guessing its black smoke when i was driving it home. It does it whether the engine is cold or hot. So i rang the garage and he told me that it has been sitting for about 2 weeks so should just need a blow out with carbon build up in the exhaust and will clear in a few days. Well ive taken it out many times and given it the beans and no change. Even driving at 50-55 in 3rd gear for a few miles. It still smokes the same and its been 4days. Ive put 290 miles on it since i bought it. Bit more info. I have no warning lights come on the dash at all and it pulls well in all gears so dont seem to have any loss in power. Feels smooth with no juddering or knocks and i cant hear any whooshing noises for air leaks. Its got a full service history and had one the day before i bought it and passed its mot with no advisory 3weeks ago. he gave me 30days warrenty for major mechanical work so got 3 and half weeks left just wondered if i should continue trying to blow it out or if their is something else wrong with it in which case ill probably need to call him again. If so would this be covered by garages warrenty as only had car 4 days. This is my first ford and diesel car so any help would be very much apprecited thanks