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  1. Hi all, I've finally got round to thinking about investing in a nice Induction Kit & a sporty exhaust for my MK1 1.8 MP3, I've got my eyes set on a Pipercross Viper kit but I'm not sure whether to go for that or the other Pipercross Induction Kit that does not come with the cold feed pipe. I've read to be wary about the other Pipercross with the exposed cone as the way it sits in the old airbox location, it's still prone to sucking the warm air from under the bonnet and therefore prone to causing heatsoak for the engine. The Pipercross Viper does appeal to me but I'm a bit stuck as to where I would stick the cold feeding pipe if I did invest in that one. Also, I've been umming' and arring' about upgrading to a sporty kind of exhaust - just something that gives a bit of an interesting sound (similiar to the sound of an ST170). However, I'm not sure if it's just worth upgrading the back box or if it's worth going the full mile and upgrading to an entire system. I've looked at Milltek catback's, a Cybox back box & a couple of other full systems but I'm a bit lost as to what to go for lol! Lastly, Am I right thinking that upgrading all of the above would of result in a slight MPG drop? Many thanks! :) Liam
  2. Hey Everyone! New Guy Here...

    Personally I think that the older cable throttles are better as well as like you say, you've got total control of the throttle and it's not electronic. I think Ford introduced the fly-by-wire system on their cars when they released the MK6 Fiesta back in 2002 as that car marked for them how much they had moved on with their technology had moved on by that time and then when the MK2 Focus's appeared in 2005 I think they came with them as well. It's a shame that Ford were a bit late with it really as VW had been making Golf & Bora's with the fly-by-wire system since 2000 at least lol. Liam
  3. Hey Everyone! New Guy Here...

    Ahhh yeah you're right there about the alloys - with them being wider is probably is what would make the steering slightly heavier, it doesn't really bother me to much but I've noticed when stationary that their is a bit of resistance. Sorry, I misunderstood you there about the throttle lol but the only thing that I can think of is that these cars & all MK1 focuses to my knowledge still operate the older throttle by cable system and the cable runs all the way to the engine throttle & intake area, and if I'm not mistake there is a bit of a delay because the ECU has to take the throttle reading afterwards. When you test the throttle in say a MK6 Fiesta that operates the much newer fly-by-wire system which is all electronic, you can blip the accelerator so slightly and it is more responsive / goes through the revs quicker because it's connected and working directly with the ECU. It sounds like you've got some nice plans in place for your MP3 there ;) I've also had a nice exhaust in mind for mine but I want to iron out the MPG first and I need to find the funds for an exhaust haha. Liam
  4. Potential New Owner

    I used to own a 52 plate 1.6 Zetec a few years ago and I got that at 110,000 miles, I owned it for 2 years and sold it when it was on 135,000 miles and it was a fantastic car and to me it still ran like it was only a 70,000 mile car. The only thing that I would grumble about that car is the rear suspension which to me felt a bit tired and worn but it's no surprise when the car was at that mileage. It never let me down apart from when the coil pack went on it not long after I got it though but these are a really common issue with these cars and it is a cheap £50 / 15 minute job to change. The most important thing to look out for on these cars of this age & mileage is the cambelt & tensioner, these have to be done at the 100,000 mile / 10 mark or whichever comes first. Though you've said that the Focus you've got your eye on has for Full Service History so chances are is that it's already been changed but just make sure when you look at the history. Liam
  5. Hey Everyone! New Guy Here...

    Yeah I remember the car being based in the Caerphilly area :) Ahh good, I'm glad to hear that you managed to sort the gauges out on yours - thanks of for the heads up there regarding the battery terminals, I will be sure to check these out when I've got a moment! Yeah it does strike me that these 1.8 engine are a little on the thirsty side, especially as on paper the 0-60 between these engines & the 1.6 Zetec SE's are extremely minimal. At the same time I forgot to mention that we are running on 17" size alloys and therefore fuel economy will somewhat suffer to an extent but not much. I do think that if I ran the car for a week on say like the 15" Zetec wheels I like to think that the car maybe will be 2-3 MPG more better and the car will probably pull even better as well. However, I've been meaning to try out some Vpower fuel so I will give it ago tomorrow when I fill up. Do you also find that the steering on these are a bit heavy naturally as well? Coming from my older 1.6 Zetec which had the 15" alloys in the past the steering to me on my MP3 feels a bit heavier - probably because of the 17" alloys no doubt. At least it's not a bad as when I briefly had some 18's on my old Seat Leon 1.6 and the steering was shocking, and the car felt sluggish as well with the acceleration! How do I find the throttle on mine? Well I feel that it pulls brilliantly in 1st & 2nd and it is a tad slower when in third but if I put my foot all the way down in 4th say when I'm at 50mph it pulls all the way through quite promptly, and before I know it I'm doing nearly 80mph haha. How about you mate? I must say that I have noticed that it is definitely a bit nippier than the 1.6's which I used to own and a lot of people state that they don't see a real life difference but to me these 1.8's seem to perform better at low revs and pull better in 5th in my opinion and the engine sounds quieter on the motorways. Liam
  6. Hey Everyone! New Guy Here...

    Hey man - Just wanted to stop by and say what a lovely motor you've got... it's absolutely identical to mine haha! I've also got one of these MP3's in the same colour, cracking cars. I know that you posted this thread back in March but I just thought I would say hello :) I've noticed the one you got was for sale back in January time by the same trader that you probably purchased from, I had my eye on this one and the one I've got now - I was going to view this one but I viewed the one I purchased first and just had to have it. Mines on a 52 plate and currently on just under 76K. With regards to the twitchy fuel & temperature gauge when the engine is off, this is actually caused by the instrument cluster itself and after a few years the soldering inside of the cluster becomes weak on the circuit board and causes this exact symptom - it appears to be a common problem on the MK1 Focus's (my original MK1.5 Zetec also had this) but when the car is running the gauges work fine. The only way to fix this is to remove the cluster and re-solder the required places and it should fix it. Or if you haven't got the equipment or the time like me, just purchase a new cluster (though I haven't bothered to as the issue doesn't bother me too much). Also keep an eye on the Electric windows, I discovered when I got mine that on the way home after picking it up, one of the rubber holders on the regulator that holds the window had totally come out of place due to the bolt becoming loose and the window wouldn't go up properly. As I was unaware of this at the time I just purchased a new regulator but I think that in the end it only needed the old bolt on the old regulator tightening up as the original regulator still looked intact and working. The only thing that bothers me slightly with mine is the fuel consumption, on a good week I'm only averaging 31-34MPG (120 ish miles to £25 worth of fuel) at the very best and that's keeping the gear changes below 3000rpm. Though I think mine could do with an oil change right about now personally. How are you finding the fuel economy on yours mate? Liam
  7. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    Yeah your absolutely right about that shocks should be changed in pairs, which I was thinking about while my car was in the garage the other day but my uncle reckons that the other one on the driver's side is still perfectly fine at the minute and is not showing any signs of where at all & is still operating as it should, also funds at the moment permit me to have the other one done :( It's interesting that you mentioned about the weather being related - as when I started the car yesterday morning to go to work, it fired up first time again and didn't cut out! Bearing in mind that it had rained a lot the previous night and yesterday too. Even when I left work to come home yesterday evening, it still started up absolutely fine. However, this afternoon it cut out again when I attempted to start it but it didn't cut out after the second attempt. I've got a new Lambda sensor present now as well but I haven't got round to getting it changed yet (I'm currently trying to source the special 22mm socket adapter to be able to do it). According to the service history & receipts the spark plugs were last changed in 2008 but the car could do with having an oil & filter change as the current oil filter looks a bit aged to say the least. Here is a video that I made the other morning; Liam
  8. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    I had the car in the garage this morning, as suspected the shock absorber was totally knackered and the oil had leaked from out of the top where the seal is so it was replaced. However, at the same time when removing the old tyre off the alloy from the same arch (both fronts and one rear were replaced at the same time as part of the job), to our shock horror an indent was discovered on the alloy itself! Luckily my uncle knows a chap who can refurbish alloys and they managed to successfully sort it out (sadly part of the alloy where the indent was has now got burn marks as a result but I'm not too fussed). So a new shock absorber and 3 tyres later the car is good to go and feels better than it did before. BUT before I forget to mention... when I went to start my car first thing this morning, it started and cut out/stalled again, the same happened when I picked the car up from the garage this evening as well :( The problem has returned after 4 days... Any ideas what else the problem could be besides the engine coolant temperature sensor? Thanks - Liam
  9. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    Yeah that's absolutely true, pot holes are a serious problem on the roads where I live at the moment, and a lot of them seem to come in the masses too. I've had another closer look over the weekend but it's hard to put my finger on what it could be, I know that its not anything like the fluids underneath the bonnet i.e. oil etc. as all the levels still look intact. The car is booked in at my Uncle's garage on Weds anyway to diagnose & replace what's been damaged (as well as having 2 new front tyres fitted too). Liam
  10. Why Won't Anyone Buy My Fiesta? :(

    If anything, I thought that bank holidays like these would be the best time to advertise anything such as a car online as most people are off work and their is a better chance of more people on the look out. It's odd, I've even dropped the price of my Focus by £100 as well. I've found in the past as well that when you do finally get a phone call from someone interested in a car out of the blue, the next thing you know you get loads more come in the bus loads all at once. Liam
  11. Why Won't Anyone Buy My Fiesta? :(

    Slightly off topic but I seem to be having a bit of difficulty in selling my Focus at the minute, it's been on AutoTrader & Gumtree for days now and not one phone call! I feel it's reasonably priced and both adverts do stand out with lots of info on the car but it still surprises me, even with my old Bora that I sold earlier on in the year I was averaging 2-3 different calls a day regarding the car and it sold within 4 days. Liam
  12. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    I got round to changing the engine temperature sensor yesterday, I left the car for a few hours and started it up and it fired up first time and didn't cut out. This morning when I left Derby to come home, it started first time again and didn't cut out at all - it looks like it was this sensor after all, many thanks mate - I owe you a beer! :) However, as one problem is now looking solved another has arisen! On my way to Derby yesterday I hit a dreaded pot hole that I failed to avoid at a split second, a massive bang followed by slightly wobbly steering and minor groaning noises coming from the front passenger side when going over bumps on the roads. I pulled over at a petrol station to check all the tyres as fearing the worst I thought that it may of buckled the allow. However, upon inspection I was greeted with a large amount of what looks like oil splattered inside of the wheel arch & all over the shocker, small drips of oil were also present underneath the shocker... great. Am I right thinking that the pot hole has managed to bust my shock absorber or if not, the CV joint/driveshaft? I'm absolutely amazed that the tyre did not burst from the impact! Thanks - Liam
  13. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    I think your theory is correct going by how electronic these MK6 Zetec engines are i.e. with them having no Idle Control Valves! It's amazing how many parts on these engines are all electronic & linked directly to the ECU. Also after quickly googling again with the engine temperature sensor as a suggestion, there seems to be a lot of reports on different forums which very much resemble my issue... Thanks again mate - Liam
  14. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    Ahhh I see ok, cheers fella :) Is the engine temperature sensor an easy job to carry out? Liam
  15. Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

    It's interesting that you mentioned another sensor of some sort i.e. the coolant temperature sensor as I also have an incling that could be the cause. Though if it was the coolant temperature sensor, wouldn't it give bad temperature readings on the dash? As mine are displaying fine. Thanks for your quick reply though, I will still replace the Lambda sensor when the new one arrives just so that it clears the engine light. Liam