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  1. Leaking injector seals

    My car's just turned over the 100k mark most of it on motorways at 60mph as that gets me about 75-80mpg
  2. First Ford

    The petrol engines are fine just don't buy the 1.4 diesel its costing a fortune to repair it with stuff that should never go wrong, and hasn't in the past with any of my previous and older cars.
  3. Leaking injector seals

    Well after getting the injectors replaced my car now seems to be loosing its prime. I'm getting seriously fed up with this engine and would really recommend to anyone not to buy the 1.4TDCi its a pile of utter crap
  4. Leaking injector seals

    Luckily my dealers quoted me £350 to replace all of them but I suspect I'll attempt to buy a new car as soon as its fixed.
  5. Evening

    New member here from technically Birmingham but I work and attend functions all over the UK on a daily basis so I very rarely actually ever see my home city. I found this site by Googling to see if anyone else was suffering from the same problems as I've been having with my Fusion. Anyway just saying hi.
  6. Leaking injector seals

    Does anyone here have any experience in having to replace them on a regular basis? My car's a '04 1.4 TDCi and 6 months after running out of warranty all the seals systematically developed leaks. Since then every year I've had to replace them all. All the works carried out at main dealer, and the car is serviced every 3 months as I do a lot of motorway miles.
  7. air in fuel system

    I had this problem with mine, it turned out that the air was been let in by a leaking injector seal. After getting that fixed my local dealer installed a one way valve so I'd guess as to it not been a standard feature.