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  1. Mk2 Focus Is Lifeless

    ok guys will give it the full works,thanks for all your help.
  2. Mk2 Focus Is Lifeless

    I`ve only had the car for 5weeks, and it has always seem to be lifeless, hence I thought of doing a mini service hoping to help it put some life back into it, still no joy.
  3. Mk2 Focus Is Lifeless

    HI-GUYS, MY mk2 1.6 16v petrol engine ford focus, is very lifeless at traffic lights, it is very slow at pulling away, can anybody tell me what to do to put some life back into it, any help will be welcome. I just did a oil and filters change and fitted new plugs, still no joy.
  4. Gearbox Oil Filler

    Thanks guys for all your helpfull tips, sorry it has taken so long to reply, and how do i remove my thread from this forum. me being a first timer
  5. Gearbox Oil Filler

    thanks to stef 123 and pink panther for getting back to me with your info, I don't think their is a drain plug,cause I cant see one, nor can I find the filler plug, I think I will leave it alone and change the oil and filters for now, thanks guys.
  6. Gearbox Oil Filler

    Hi-Guys, Just join the owners club, can some one please tell me where is the gearbox drain and filler plugs for my mk2 hatchback 1.6 16v petrol engine focus, 2009 year, it has 70,000 on the clock and I want to do a oil + filter + gearbox oil change, I don't know when all the oil was last change, I just bought this car and what this issue sorted. many thanks. ERROL
  7. Flat Spot

    thank you guys, will go along with your plans.and give it ago ,
  8. Flat Spot

    James my fiesta is a petrol engine, can you let me know the cause of flat spot and how to fix it, thanks
  9. Flat Spot

    my fiesta is a petrol model , matthew I `ve never tried pulling away in third gear may be that's where I am going wrong. I do now where Rangoon is and the right name.
  10. Flat Spot

    hi-everybody, can some one please tell what is the cause of my mk6 fiesta keeps getting flat spot when ever I pull away from traffic lights or roundabouts, and how do I fix the problem, thanks. this always happen when I am in third gear. please help
  11. hi-guys, can some one please tell me why I keep getting flat spot every time I pull away from lights or roundabouts, and how to fix it. many thanks.
  12. Flushing Oil

    thanks for your advice guys
  13. Flushing Oil

    thanks james, will do the oil change only
  14. Flushing Oil

    HI-GUYS, I am thinking of doing a oil and filter change on my mk6 1.4 petrol engine soon, will I need to flush the engine or is there no need to flush. my handbook says to use 5w30 engine oil only.
  15. hi-guys, can somebody please tell me why does my mk6 fiesta all ways rattles when I reversive from my drive, it sounds like the exhurst is banging but the garage said my exhurst is fine, does anybody knows what it could be.