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  1. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    Thanks for the info mate. I read it a few times to take it in but I understand what you are saying now. Have you ever heard of anyone just changing the clutch on these? I been told you can and can't so a bit Thanks again.
  2. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    That's great. Thank you for checking it. It's wrapped. It was already done when I bought it.
  3. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    Thanks for the help guys. STEADS I think you could be right with the position of the ports. I'm trying to find out of the one you have will fit as I rather pay you for that than someone else.
  4. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    Thanks for the reply mate. Tbh im really not sure if they are or not. I do have a part number pf the st air con pump that i need but not sure its the same or not. The part number i found on ebay was 3M5H-19D629-MK.
  5. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    That be great STEADS. I miss the air con not that we get a lot of sun lol. Any help would be great thank you.
  6. blueovalboy

    Focus St225 Air Con Pump Not Working

    Thanks for the reply mate. Guess it's a second hand compressor then. CheeRS
  7. Hi mate. Thanks again for your help. I understand what you are saying with regards to the can bus system and gem module. I think I will get the silvatec bulbs as you did. I have just bought the elm 327 cable but I have only used it to clear the mil light from my decat until I can get a sports cat or remap so I don't think I'm confident enough in doing anything else tbh. Thanks again for your advice mate. I appreciate it.
  8. Hi. Does anyone know if the air con pump clutch can be changes on the focus st225 please? I took it to get it re-gassed as It was Very low. There is voltage going to it but it doesn't spin up. A mate said it's the clutch that's seized and they the complete unit vary in price from £65.00 to £110.00 but if I could just change the clutch it wouldn't need gassing up again. Thanks.
  9. Hi Lenny. I'm gonna fit the lights this weekend work permitting but I just wondered. Did you fit LED bulbs for your indicators or brakes lights before fitting? I'm not sure there are any but it would be nice to do now with the LED sides already in.
  10. I did have the push button start working for a few weeks until the relay decided to give up so i joined the cranking wire back up and used the key again. Just finding time to have another go at it. I will check out your mods now mate. Im sure there will be something on there that i fancy doing n you seem to know your stuff so i appreciate your help mate. Thank you :)
  11. Im liking the look of the tinted lights on the RS pic a lot so i will prob get a light smoke tint and have a go. I have the fly eye tint on the front lights and it looks ok but i think i rather the smooth look. I see what you are saying about not cutting the loom in case i swap it back to sell but i would prob leave them on if i got the right money and keep the plugs n solder them back on if i didnt. Thanks for the info and your help mate. No doubt i will be asking you for advice again soon enough lol. Not fitted the push button start by any chance have you? Thanks.
  12. Ahh right. I c what u mean now. As the 3 brown cables that go to the LED part r part of the new loom I have bought, as long as the loom in the car functions through into the new loom the led should work. Am I understanding u correctly? I was just gonna match up the live n earths, cut the plug off the new loom n join the cables but I guess it won't work like that.
  13. Cheers for the info Lenny. Excellent breakdown. Am I right in thinking there is 3 connections to the led part? I only took them out the box, quick check to make sure they wasn't cracked n put them back in. I currently have the original half red half white on there n they have been tinted with spray professionally n look good but I rather the led look but not sure whether to leave them all white or tint them. CheeRs again.
  14. I just bought a set of the RS MK2 LED Rear lights off ebay for £100 but i am waiting for the loom to come from Fords at a cost of £60. Soon as i have it all i will look at fitting these to my 07 ST3. Not sure to tint them before fitting while im waiting.