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  1. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Are these lights ok to go straight to the battery positive? I have nothing in fuse 42 to piggy back from.
  2. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Thanks. Ive read the same info as you. But in some guides I've seen people use an 'add a circuit' to piggyback off fuse 42 in the engine compartment. Any idea which is the sidelight wire? Not keen on splicing into wires or using scotchlocks. Are there any other ways to get the side light feed?
  3. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Hi Joe. Yeah I ordered the lights. Waiting till the holidays to fit them. Chris. Thanks for the info. How did you fit yours? Bit unsure about where to put the 12v wire and the wire to dim to 50%. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks .
  4. 1.6tdci And Ecoboost 1l 125

    I recently moved from a mk2.5 1.6tdci to a 1.0 100ps focus titanium navigator. Im over the moon with it. Plenty of power for such a small engine. You will be surprised.
  5. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Thanks. Not as simple as just plugging a camera into the stereo then. Just realised the drl I ordered from the link above won't be suitable for my titanium as the panels are gloss and the drl are matt. Anyone know of any gloss ones on eBay? Thanks
  6. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Thanks everyone. Ordered the DRL that Preee recommended. Does anyone have any ideas about the reversing camera that links to the Sony nav screen. Think the titanium x has it. Is it possible to add to titanium? Thanks.
  7. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Well finally got rid of the 2008 MK2.5 Focus Titanium TDCI and moved onto a 2014 Focus Titanium Navigator 1.0 ecoboost. Was disappointed to find it didn't have some of the toys I expected. Mainly DRL. But my question to anyone in the know is what can be retrofitted easily to this car and what would affect the remaining two years warranty?
  8. Dtc Codes

    Just had a quote for £250 to have DPF cleaned with Terraclean. Includes removal, refitting all codes cleared, active regen, pre and post flow tests and six month warranty. Just waiting on quotes for replacement now.
  9. Dtc Codes

    Thanks. If you don't mind me asking what did it cost to have your DPF replaced?
  10. Dtc Codes

    Thanks. I come across terraclean for DPF and have emailed for a quote to remove, clean, refit and clear all codes. The car has done 57500 miles.
  11. Dtc Codes

    Thanks. That's kind of what I was thinking. DPF more than fuel pump. Once engine is warm it seems to have more power. Not entertaining idea of deleting DPF so either replacement or cleaning. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Dtc Codes

    Thanks. Hadnt thought of that. P2458 Diesel Particulate filer regeneration duration P0299 Turbo under boost P0087 Fuel rail/system pressure too low P2459 Diesel Particulate filter regeneration frequency P1180 Fuel delivery system malfunction low Thanks
  13. Dtc Codes

    I have a 2008 Mk2.5 Focus TDCI. I read the DTC codes this afternoon with ELMCONFIG as the power seemed down. I got the codes P2458, P0299, P0087, P2459, P1180. I googled what each means and seems to be pointing to several problems. But I really dont know where to start to sort it out. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Focus Oil Sump

    No not being thick at all. The threads on the sump have been damaged when the sump plug has been removed to drain the oil.
  15. Focus Oil Sump

    Thanks that's fantastic advice. I did think about arguing the case but was unsure whether id have a leg to stand on. But as you say they may consider meeting half the cost as I cant prove anything and neither can they and also the fact that its basically took two days to do the work. And as they're too busy to MOT it tomorrow and wanted to outsource it to a neighbouring garage. Which I don't feel is appropriate for a franchised dealer to do. The car definitely hasn't been touched by anyone other than them in the time I've owned it. They've done the last three services. Thanks. Feel much more confident standing my ground tomorrow.