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  1. Tyre size change?

    Thanks for the info/replies. I was offered a pair of 205's for next to nothing, compared to new, already sold now, so all rather academic.
  2. Tyre size change?

    Hi all. I've got 195,55,16 tyres on ford alloys (Fusion plus 1.6 tdci, 2009). My question is can I change these for 205,55,16's on the same wheels? TIA for any advice. Martin.
  3. Ford Standard Radio

    Hi, I found all the details for my radio by matching it to the picture in the manual, then google searching spec's for stated model. I hope that helps. Martin
  4. Modified Fusion

    The plastic trims. I can't tell you how many times I have had to reattach the skirt/wheel arch trim on the off side rear. But it no problem, as I can store the tools in the gap that's there already! :)
  5. Modified Fusion

    I think the best 'mod' you can do is pour a load of filler into those body trims! I dunno about yours, but Ford assembly must have been on the sherry when they fitted mine. Martin
  6. were do i stand??

    Thanks for the update. I'm glad you got the required result. If you're happy to, you could maybe review the garage on a relevant website, as most people really want to know what they & the garage can do when it all goes wrong. Martin
  7. were do i stand??

    Always a grey area this one. This link should at least give you some kind of guidance/confidence to help you to talk to the garage. Fingers crossed. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/buying-or-repairing-a-car/problems-with-a-car-repair/ Martin
  8. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    I would have thought the number corresponds to the firing sequence of the cylinders. You could possibly call a garage to confirm?
  9. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    I had a similar problem on my last 1.6tdci ((09 reg). There was a brief hesitation during the engine warm up while driving under load IE up hill when the engine was cool, pulling off from a standing start when the engine was cool/warming up. This developed into cutting out under any kind of load IE when the clutch was at biting point, engine would cut. If I started the engine & waited until the engine was warm (about 15mins), the car would run fine, apart from an occasional brief hesitation. I had this checked out 3 times by different garages with no joy aprt from the advice of replacing the injector rail assembly at a cost of around £750, as this was the only consistent area of fault codes. 1 trip to a diagnostic center revealed a faulty solenoid on the said rail assembly which was replaced for £60 sourced from ebay. Perhaps worth checking out? Good luck, as I can tell you from experience it is a really frustrating problem. Cheers Martin
  10. Alternator

    Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time to reply. I have an alternator sourced now, but will let a mechanic do it, as I have no tools, time or practical experience with this kind of thing. Cheers, Martin
  11. Alternator

    Hi All. I require a replacement alternator. I have found a mechanic willing to fit it. Any advice as to where I should source one? TIA. Martin.
  12. steering wheel control unit

    Can only point you toward a Haynes manual? Sorry I can't help more.
  13. Headlamp upgrade

    100% agree. Nighbreakers are a real improvement & the Ebay price is as little as £15 for a pair!
  14. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    Yes, mine is the same as yours. I drive regular from Huddersfield to Great Yarmouth which is 206 miles and a good mix of motorway, A-roads & town, same numbers returned.
  15. Ford Fusion Owners?

    Oh Right, thanks for that.