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  1. 4x4 whats up with them

    I find the best thing to do it just touch the brakes a few times is funny how fast they got off your !Removed! Hahahahah. or speed up then slow down again making them change up and down gears plays havock with their fuel hahahahahaha
  2. Fiesta Diesels - Advice

    LOL then the Cons will back track on the tax reforms and screw us to the floor lol
  3. idle probs

    Nice blast of redex works wonders . Full bottle in 1/2 tank and drive like you stole it . Cleans all the gunk out
  4. Problems with Diesel engine

    Take it back and say you want a new one. Dont accept a repair if its a dog after a month whats it gonna be like in a year down the line . Could be any number of things m8, I would guess at an injector or the tps im the pedal
  5. noisy tappets

    try an oil change with good quality oil? look the manual up depending on the miles they might need adjusted ?
  6. Light removal

    Rear lights. Remove the 2 screws you can see with the tail gate open. You will need to remove the molding from inside the boot then stick your hand in and release the big screwed nob lol
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Aronld Clark has workers ?
  8. Windscreen Washer

    drop a CALGON tab in the water bottle seen this work a treat to break down the limescale
  9. speedo not working

    speedo cable has snapped and its making intermitant contact and thats why the speed rises and falls or the speed drive has worn in the clocks easy to test . repmove the clocks and pull the inside of the speed cable . if it slide out you cable is duff
  10. I was thinking of doing the same thing on my MK3 but I have the original keys . The remote and the blue chip one that starts the car as well . Does this mean I would not need to go to ford to have a new remote Key coded to start the car ?
  11. Noe claim its the harness at the injectors thats at fault. Car is getting worked on today so will know soon I hope if this has resolved the issue As for the customer service they would not budge as they claim there has been no recals for anything on the 14 TDCi
  12. cheers m8 will call them 1st thing tues morn I would expect them to be closed monday. does the fault they told me sound like the same harnes/plug ? should a TSB be fixed FOC as its a kind of known issue and since they have realeased a modified part then ford accept the fault ? For the Record what does TSB stand for ???
  13. funny you mention that but that's what they called and told me. they said a big multi pulg was damaged and that was the issue. they want £152 + vat for the part then I have labour on top of that. don't think its right you need to pay for a known fault ???
  14. 'True' mpg figures?

    Best I worked out on a run was 58mpg Im a poor man with a zetec and dont have a trip computer lol i need to work it out on a bit of paper lol
  15. im sure they just prise out. Clean the contacts and if all else fails a trip to the scrappy and ask to test before you but ?