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  1. over sized pistons / rings

    cheers ronnie ive had a look at the site, ....sorry mate i thought id replied to you before now cheers peter
  2. Info needed on Mk1 granada

    thought id replied to this but couldnt see my post...any how hope this helps you....http://www.ford-granadaguild.org.uk/gu_granhist_mk1.php
  3. Info needed on Mk1 granada

    here you go mate hope this helps http://www.ford-granadaguild.org.uk/gu_granhist_mk1.php

    Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the wings, do i use a spot weld cutter to remove the spots or should i just cut the whole thing off from under the lip, ?? cheers peter
  5. Escort Engine Rebuild

    excellent advice and exactly what i do myself , except i use rubber surgical gloves to reduce manky hand syndrome then use them along with small polly bags to bag up my bolts ect . Im a mark 2 man myself but these cars are getting rare and certainly not cheap, even a dog can set you back around £500 ......my dog cost me £1400 ....if only the prick that sold me it didnt live so far away if its the later escort you prefer then defo take vinnys advice peter
  6. over sized pistons / rings

    hi, the compression on my first cylinder is down and when i did the head gasket i noticed the cylinder was scored (ridge) along the top and my exhaust valves were burnt also i get oil coming from the breather , however being a novice mechanic i just put it all back together, now i have been told that i need to rebore the engine, £80 , but where would i get over sized pistons or can i get oversized piston rings to fit on my current ones, also can anyone tell me where to buy them and what kind of prices am i looking at. cheers peter
  7. engine wont idle

    hi, i have a mk2 escort 1.6 ghia and for some reason it wont idle without a bit choke . the engine runs sweet on the run but as soon as i stop it cuts out, i have just replaced the cylinder head but i had this problem before i started the job? even if i let it idle with a bit choke it runs great but as soon as i push the choke in the car stalls any ideas what it could be? peter
  8. oil leak

    thanks mate, i used a pressure tester on it and it has less pressure on the first cylinder where the leak is, so ill try and replace the head gasket at the weekend, ..judging by the haynes manual it seems a pretty sraight forward job thanks again for you help peter
  9. oil leak

    hi, i have a mk2 escort 1.6 xflow 711 block , it has started leaking oil from the front left hand corner of the head gasket, but the car is not over heating and the water in the radiator is clean also it idles lumpy or cuts out without choke, it seems to run fine with no smoke and sounds quite healthy The water in the radiator is clean and the oil isnt like baileys ...does this sound likehead gasket failure or should i be looking elsewhere for the oil leak cheers pete
  10. urgent help needed

    got the right stuff it was motorcraft parts i needed , cars running sweet now, heres what happened , I bought a new alloy rocker cover and fitted it to the car, the car fired up but was only running on 3 cylinders before cutting out and refusing to start .thats why i replaced the plugs points ect, anyway it turned out that the rocker cover didnt have a very big breather hole and was forcing the oil back up through the dipstick and in turn also managed to knock out my valve clearences after a quick adjustment of the gaps and a bang on the valves with a wooden mallet the car started running fine except now it only idles with a bit choke so ill try the timing next
  11. urgent help needed

    hi, i need to get some points plugs and a condensor for my 1979 mk2 escort 1.6 ghia auto, I have phoned partco but they are asking if it is bosch lucas or ford, .....how do i tell ? or should i just order bosch?? thanks peter