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  1. Ford Sync Updates

    Hello How does it word i downoaded it to a usb stick put it in the car and then????????????
  2. Slow Gearchange On Powershift

    No probs here powershift gear changes shifting quick in my car and even better in the S mode. maybe to do that my car is remaped to 148 HP
  3. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    my car 1.0 ecoboost powershift has a complete replacement of the powerschift at 9000 KM 1 yea ago
  4. The reason it was replaced was it was not shiffting ok. Jerk and jolt when it shift gears . and i had a rpm drop in the 3 to 4 gea rto much drop.
  5. I had a total replacement of the gearbox in 2014 . until now all is fine and working ok car is remapped it is now 145Hp This was ordered by Ford Netherlands the gearbox replacement
  6. Fiesta Mk7.5 Seats Issue

    Yes it is the same on my car
  7. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Small update mine is stil ok no problem at all . drove yesterday on the highway speed 190Km smooth as it should be. Engine is remaped put out now 152 Hp
  8. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    the problem is not the clutch but the gearbox by itself , my gearbox is changed and the problem is gone now. Took only 2 trips to the dealer they did a software check(and i made a movie during driving ) and send it to Ford UK and they decidid to put a complete new gearbox in the car. it was al sorted out in 3 weeks .
  9. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    in the Netherlands they change the gearbox after the software update is unsuccesfull
  10. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    Free length of the spring 5.4 cm
  11. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    I will see tonight how much free space i have you mean on a closed lid op open boot lid.??????
  12. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    hmmmmmm she was not happy sombody else has to lift the boot lid for her ans he told her her pistons are faulty hahahahahahha. but i have tested it with 4 washers no luck it only opens sometimes half and sometimes a few cm . so i give up the seller keeps telling me it depends on the pistons but i beleive the ST spoiler is the problem . than he told me i put on the spoiler and that is not his problem. there is a translation problem here so i give up.
  13. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    i am now in the progres to put 3 washers between one extra washer no succes have to wait now wife has stolen the Fiesta :-) but i have the pistons in the garage and she is shopping hmmmmm i go in hiding when she is back
  14. Automatic Boot Opening Kit Anyone?

    he now changed hit text on his ebay page yesterday evening it was gone now it is up again with the modified text about the fiesta. i wil now ask my money back from him this is misleading. when i ordered the springs there was no text so i have a good case.
  15. Which Stripes Shall I Get?

    the second set of stripes looks the best