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  1. Ford Sync And Iphone Contacts

    Oh, Dial Assist is already on ... maybe that is causing the problem to start with! Think I will have a go on the way home tonight.
  2. Ford Sync And Iphone Contacts

    No, can only see it as a name on the car if it is in my iphone as 07. On my phone it will recognise an incoming it if stored as +447 or 07. Simple answer would be to do one of the following but both have down sides - change all the numbers to 07 (but say when roaming on STA in Andorra or other small operators I would keep having to add +44 to my numbers as you cant call with the 07 number (as they don't support o2's home from home service)) - Duplicate all my contacts with both a +447 and 07 number (but then sync ask which of the numbers to call when trying to make an outbound call). I would really like to find a setting I can just turn on to force either the iphone to send the +44 number to sync when an incoming call is detected or to tell sync the default country code is +44.
  3. Ford Sync And Iphone Contacts

    Yes, it seems whilst my phone will recognise +447xxxxxxxxx and 07xxxxxxxxx are the same number my car does not
  4. What is the optimal way to enter contacts when using an iPhone? I have a lot of mobile numbers as +44xxxxxxxxxx but noticed that this means when I have a incoming call I get just the number, not the name. Is there a setting somewhere on my phone or on Sync to make them match up? I would prefer not to have my contacts in twice (as when using sync to call it says there are multiple numbers) and would like to keep the numbers as +44 as I visit a number of countries where 'home from home' dialling is not supported.
  5. Ford Sync Update For Fiesta 2013 Facelift

    If I remember the update via a USB stick was coming ... late 2013. I do have to say the US system seems much more advance, however it might be the services Microsoft relies upon are very US centric.
  6. I was recently talking about QuickClear Windscreen and the question of if it has any impact on fuel economy. I know it uses quite a bit of power but does it have any impact on economy? Would think any impact would be small as unlike A/C it is on for such a short period. Any ideas or thoughts?