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  1. Fuel Consumption Ecoboost Powershift

    Have now done the check and am pretty sure about miles as I know where we have been. Car has done 213 miles 135 was on clock as it was delivered by road from dealer so that is 78 miles. Filled up when car was delivered and just filled up 13.1 litres /4.54 = 2.88 gallons which equates to 27 mpg. 40 of those miles were a trip to outskirts of Doncaster up A1 so this is pretty crap.
  2. Fuel Consumption Ecoboost Powershift

    Hi Tom Have checked the plugs all 3 of them and brakes already. Just about to do a proper mpg calculation today. But if the digital readout is wrong how can I trust even the mileage? Will post again later when I have done the fill up.
  3. Fuel Consumption Ecoboost Powershift

    The XJ is just over 1 year old covered 6000 miles and is getting close to the combined 47mpg at around 43mpg and did from day 1. Does over 50mpg on a motorway run if I take it easy. The Fiesta is brand new and Ford quote 42.8 Urban 72.6 Extra Urban and 57.7 Combined. I have monitored my wife on her short runs and she is getting 21. I zeroed it and did a return trip up the A1 to Doncaster and driving steady no/little town centre driving and steady driving only got 36mpg. I will monitor it for the time being and do an actual fuel fill up as it could always be the Ford computer giving spurious reading. Either way it is not good. Furthermore petrol cars should perform better than diesel on short runs as they warm up quicker. Got better out of her 2.2 litre diesel Santa Fe.
  4. New member. Just bought new Ecoboost 1Litre Powershift 5 door Titanium X as second car for my wife but I also drive as it was supposed to be more economical than my XJ 3litre Diesel. Only getting 21 around town and 36 on a run. The car has only done about 200 miles should it improve as it loosens up or have I bought a lemon? Get better consumption from my XJ and my wife was getting better consumption from her old Hyundai Sant Fe 2/3 years old.