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  1. Hi Folks I purchased a 2008 ford kuga which had been lightly damaged on the front it had been striped ready and the lights were missing.. we fitted standard lights not knowing it must of had xenon. they all work fine although there was no way to change the level of them. I fitted the switch with the leveing option but not worked.. I'm pretty sure it will go through the ecu. but is anybody aware of a way we could add the correct switch so we can adjust the level or am I left with the only option of purchasing xenon lights? thanks in advance for any advice Dave
  2. Im going to test fuel pressure tomorrow can anyone tell me what it should read at idle running and while engine is not running Thanks Dave
  3. Update still no joy cant find air leaking anywhere a few things ive checked are removed and cleaned all plugs (one was obviously running lean so questioned injector) swapped the injector for the plug that was lean for one of the others with the hope that the lean pot would move also i will check this after a good run. ive also had it on the scanner. im questioning the fuel pump as it shows at either 0 or 100% nothing in between when the car is running its constantly at 100% (even while at idle) im going to check fuel pressure (what should it read both running and at idle) the long term fuel trim was above 25% so i think thats why mil comes on any more advice?? thanks Dave
  4. i will double check all hoses tomorrow its just had new filter exhaust was already fitted when i got car it certainly looks really cheap. its not leaking though thanks again Dave
  5. its on 81000 it has full ford history its had a recent full exhaust and cat although these are after market ones im not sure but i think lambdas are after market too i cant find any leaking pipes thanks Dave
  6. hi it p0171 system too lean bank 1 Permanent however it does go off for some time but eventually comes back thanks
  7. cant find any air leaks although it does take a gulp when reved
  8. thanks for advice guys how can i test fuel pressure as there doesn't seem to be a sensor on the rail or on the diagnostics i will double check the plugs etc too thanks again. dave
  9. Hi Sorry Car starts and runs but when its just been started it will pull away fine then there is a power loss. it doesn't cut out but feels close it then gradfually returns to normal power and is fine until car is turned off and started again. then same issue. it also idles a little lumpy. thanks Dave
  10. Hi All I have a 1.6 petrol focus its a 2005 (newer shape) i think i have a fuel issue. it brings up a fault code that's for to lean i have removed all fuel components under bonnet and cleaned them i also cleaned the throttle body and map sensor no change I did notice that when i dissconected the fuel line from the rail there was no fuel spilt or any pressure should there be pressure at the rail when car is not running i suspected the fuel was running back to tank but cant find a return pipe or pressure sensor for fuel system. i did find a pipe that runs back to the tank which is connected to the inlet manifold. this leads me to think there should be some vacum in the tank any ideas thanks in advance for any advice. Dave