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  1. Wow, how is this still happening... did you check the brakes aren't binding? It sounds like you've checked most things, whether or not you checked them properly I don't know. As for the o2 sensors... Torque is an Android app that has a "Test results" option to show you if the pre cat sensor is oscillating correctly. Failing all of the above sounds like you need to take it to a garage. I can't believe 19.5mpg and it's cause would be that hard to spot, either visually or audibly. Whereabouts are you? Have you had another better performing Focus to test against?
  2. OK, have you actually done what a poster said previously and measured the mpg accurately? You're not going to get any where near accurate results from the LCD unless you reset it anyway (hold down the set button when its displayed). Also check that your brakes aren't binding. My front left was binding and it was causing my car to steer left and lower economy. I initially thought it was my tracking... Also, these problems don't usually just manifest out of thin air without some kind of warning. Has the car always had poor economy? Anything look out of place from visual inspection under the bonnet? Any strange sounds? What mileage has the car done? I'd also check and log sensor readings from your odb reader and check the values look sensible. Check your pre cat o2 sensor is operating correctly as well as this affects air fuel ratio.
  3. By the way, I got 43mpg out of a full tank last month from my petrol 1.8 so there's something fairly wrong with your friends car as well... Or his driving
  4. OK. Obvious question... What were the error codes?! Might be a clue there. Also, 125c seems a bit high to me...
  5. Duratec He 1.8 Replacing Ht Leads?

    Yeah I saw that post... Except there are leads that are plugged into the coils... And one of these is a bit damaged, so where can I get these leads from?
  6. OK, I've literally searched the whole internet but have been unable to find HT leads for my focus. Its a 2008 mk2.5 1.8 petrol with the duratec engine. I can see the coil packs on eurocarparts, but no HT/ignition leads? The attached picture shows what the leads look like. Any idea where I can get them?
  7. Resetting Ecu Via Which Fuse?

    Is it just that one? Can anyone without an RS confirm? I think fuse box may be slightly different
  8. Hi, I would like to reset my ECU as I want it to adapt to my driving style quicker (recently bought). I've read that undoing the negative lead on the battery will do it but its a bit awkward to get to, so I'd like to remove the ECU fuse. Which ones do I need to remove? Apparently there are some under the bonnet and maybe one under the glovebox, according to the manual. Thanks in advance!
  9. Duratec 1.8 Ht Leads?

    Hi, I have a mk2.5 1.8 petrol Focus with the Duratec QQDB engine. One of the leads coming out of my coil pack is a bit frayed and the bare wire is showing. Do you know where I can get a replacement lead? I.e. The one the plugs directly into the coil pack? I've searched every where but can't find anyone that does them for my engine model. Thanks in advance