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  1. St: Sunday-Tastic!!

    I wasn't bashing the Zetec S it's an epic car and as a first car (the ds3 was as a named driver) it is amazing. Really looking forward to summer and having a few trips around where I live and maybe a trip to wales or two also defo going to take the camera.
  2. St: Sunday-Tastic!!

    I also made the most of the weather by cleaning the car then going for a blast on the roads near where I live. Here is the route I took with a friend in his new polo R line. Even though the car is only a Zetec S it was still rather fun and handles far better than the citroen ds3 I had before.
  3. Fiesta Windscreen Damage Am I Just Unlucky

    A quick update today a guy from auto windscreens came round to fix the chip which as I thought turned out to be too large to repair so after owning the car for just over a month it needs a replacement screen :(. The guy said his boss would ring tomorrow after getting in touch with elephant my insurance provider to see if they would pay for a genuine ford screen hopefully they will and I can arange fitting for some time next week will keep you posted.
  4. Fiesta Windscreen Damage Am I Just Unlucky

    The repairs are part of the windscreen cover on my insurance but still cost £25 a time :(
  5. I took delivery of my fiesta zetec s at the beginning of the month and already have 2 large stone chips and a scratch on the windscreen. One of the chips has been repaired and was where the tax disk sits the other which happened today is right in front of the driver and is hopefully being repaired on wednesday although I am expecting the whole screen to be replaced as it's a large impact. Is this a common problem with the heated front screens or am I just really unlucky. I was driving at the speed of the road and following the car in front at a safe distance. Thanks Alastair
  6. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Yep was a factory order. Going in tomorrow to pay the deposit.
  7. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Ordered a white zetec s from evans halshaw Ashton Under Lyne on the 22nd December with 17 inch alloys, DAB radio, privacy glass, EATC, city pack and convenience pack going picking it up March 3rd. Can't wait :D