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  1. Ford Focus Mk1.5 Build Thread

    Been a while since I have done any of this... Recently, I have been trying out some different prospective future cars. However, I have come to the conclusion that my old Focus has still got some life left in her, so I need to make some more upgrades. I have also been using a few different hire cars and company cars during the last couple of months, and all have one particular feature I really want on my car... DAB radio. The quality and clarity in my area is really good, and it means I can get Radio X without eating into my ever precious data allowance. The thing I don't like about most DAB retrofits I have seen on this and other forums is the fiddly little antennas which need to be mounted to the windscreen. Not only do they look like they come from the clearance bin at Maplin, they also sound crap as well! I did a little bit of research and found the Autoleads PC6-536 DAB adapter. It uses your existing un-boosted (that's very important) car aerial, and picks up the DAB signals, much the same as the aerials on the sides of houses do. With that, I decided to order one to get the project rolling. Next I need to find a new DAB headunit. The one I am swaying towards is the Pioneer DEH-X8700DAB, it has iPhone connectivity via lightning cable, Siri eyes free (which I use a lot), bluetooth connectivity for TWO phones, include a microphone to be fitted to the headlining, steering wheel control connectivity and of course DAB tuning. I did want something with a screen and Apple Car Play, but the price of units with DAB is too far out of my range. So as soon as I have all the pieces I'll write another update and maybe a brief guide! Then it's on to finding myself a decent set of cheap ST170 alloys!
  2. Ford Focus Mk1.5 Build Thread

    So this weekend has allowed me more time to finish putting some more parts on my car! Firstly, I have fitted a centre armrest to the car... It adds another little cubby to store stuff like my phone charger and things like that, plus it's a perfect fit and really comfortable on the long commutes! The fitting was rather easy, just needed to take out the rubber cup holder and place the armrest base in the hole that remained (its perfectly moulded so was really easy to seat), then I just needed to screw in the self tapping screws and it was done. It has plenty of adjustment and makes such a difference! I also fitted the ST170 pedal set... got these for £3 from a scrappy and they looked like they had barely been used. The clutch and brake pedal were easy to fit, just had to pull the old rubber covers off and fit the ST170 ones. The whole throttle pedal had to be removed, and the ST170 is a straight swap. If anything that one is the easiest to change... All I have left to fit are the Hekko Wind deflectors and the LED interior and numberplate bulbs, which should be nice and easy! Now thinking of getting some ST170 alloys and some Phillips Extreme headlight bulbs, but I'm not sure whether to go for LED or Xenon sidelights to match the DRLs... The LED ones are okay, they just don't look as good as I thought. Will have to see!
  3. Ford Focus Mk1.5 Build Thread

    So some more new parts have arrived today! The centre armrest, LED Projector sidelights and the Team Heko Wind Deflectors. Most of these have been fitted so I will update this with pictures and fittings at the weekend.... Now just waiting for the interior map light bulbs and the ST170 pedals, which should arrive tomorrow or saturday!
  4. So, I have after 2 years decided to upgrade my Mk1.5 Focus to something a bit more fun, more stylish, more comfortable and more 'up to date'. I want to modify Elsie in a tasteful way, and in no way make it chavy or make it a boy racers car. Unfortunately, I didn't think to start the thread when I started upgrading/modifying her, so I will quickly go over what has been done so far... Firstly, I decided to fit some LED DRLs to the bottom grill on the front bumper, not only does it make the car look a bit more modern, I have found that people don't pull out or step out in front of me quite as much... Maybe its the placebo effect, but I think it is the lights :)... Not bad I thought! After looking through the forums, I found some information regarding footwell lighting built into the Mk1 Facelift models, so I decided to take a look. After having a route around under the dashboard, I managed to find a bulb holder and wiring taped up to the OBD2 wiring loom. I then removed the tape and fitted the plug to the dash. I then found the passenger side bulb holder and positioned it. After looking on ebay, I ordered some of these LED 501 bulbs (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151702370542?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=450974541999&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT). This evening they arrived, and all fitted I think they look mint! So far so good, got a few more bits coming over the next few days, so will update when I get everything fitted!
  5. Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light

    Okay, so I had a look under the dash on the driver's side panels and found a socket taped in foam to the OBD2 wiring. I positioned it in the holder and put in an LED bulb and it works. Great!! I put a bulb in the one behind the glovebox, but can't see where the socket is meant to be fitted... I currently have it just tucked out of the carpet, but it looks gash! Dezwez where did you fit yours?
  6. Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light

    Okay, will have a look in the morning! I'm hoping I have the pair otherwise I'll just leave it... I would have thought if they put one in they would put the other in too? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light

    So... I have seen in the forums that many versions of the Mk.1 Facelift Focus has all the wiring for footwell lighting, and I think I have managed to locate on of the harnesses behind the glovebox by the fuses. However, for the life of me I can't find the socket for the driver's side footwell light! I can see the plastic mounting where the bulb socket is meant to fit, but the socket and wiring is nowhere to be found... Is this taped to another wiring loom or piece of the dash/footwell? Also, if the socket behind the glovebox is the correct one, where does this go? Do I have to lift the foam matting in the bottom and place under there? Any help is much appreciated!! Cheers, Al
  8. Focus Mk1 Coil Pack Failures

    So... I have a 1.6 Mk1 Facelift focus (52reg) which is just burning through coil packs... I have replaced 4 in the last 12 months, and the latest one is starting to develop issues at only a couple of months old. The last one was bought from ford for an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any issues that may cause the packs to fail? Such as unstable electrical current or anything as wild as that? Cheers, A
  9. Loss Of Power..no Warning Lights

    I have just had this problem with mine and fixed it! Put it in 4th doing 40mph and put you're foot down... does it lurch then? I found my leads and coil pack were the 12 year old originals and had gone wrong! But as you have replaced your coil pack it could be a lead... Also, look behind the inlet manifold, there should be a T-shaped rubber hose, has it flattened at all, and when you turn the engine off is there a hissing noise for a second or so?
  10. Help!!! Mk1.5 1.6 Engine Stall At Return To Idle

    Yeah that had fixed it... I still think it is now re-adapting now so will see how it is in a week or so! Carburettors are so much easier to work on!
  11. Help!!! Mk1.5 1.6 Engine Stall At Return To Idle

    I am going to try and disconnect the battery for half hour, see if it can "reset" the ECU... If not new ICU!
  12. Hi, I have a problem with my 1.6L Mk1.5 Focus, in which the engine will sometimes stall when the car returns to idle, other times it will briefly idle at around 500rpm and then return. This problem is worse when the engine is warm. Let me run you through the events in case they are related: - Two days ago on the way to work, one of the cylinders stopped firing, causing the car to drop idle speed and shake violently. - Yesterday, I bought a new air filter, new NGK TR5A-10 spark plugs, HT leads and Coil Pack which fixed that problem. At this point the car was running much better, but I noticed that the Breather vacuum piping behind the inlet manifold was split and had collapsed in on itself, so I ordered one of these. - Today, I received said Breather hose and fitted, no hissing or any suction outside of the pipe that I was able to hear/feel. However now the engine is idling wrong like I mentioned before. So I went to a scrap yard and bought a new Idle Air Control Valve (as most forums I had looked at deemed this the problem) this one on the inside had a minuscule amount of carbon built up and the valve worked easy and sprung back nicely. Still does not work! I am in the process now of cleaning the old one with some Air system and Carburettor Cleaner and seeing if that will make any difference and will fit tomorrow... Has anyone else had this problem, and if so did you manage to fix it, and if yes then how so... Seems like when one job is finished there is always another one to do! Cheers, Al
  13. Focus Mk1.5 Pedal Covers?

    Does anyone know of any good pedal covers which fit the mk1.5 focus? I have been looking at some of the brushed silver metal ones in Halfords which require drilling... but not sure if they will fit properly with the build of the clutch and brake pedals. Does anyone have any experience with these? Also, does anyone know of a footrest kit that can be mounted beside the clutch? Cheers
  14. Focus Mk1.5 Pedal Covers?

    Does anyone know of any good pedal covers which fit the mk1.5 focus? I have been looking at some of the brushed silver metal ones in Halfords which require drilling... but not sure if they will fit properly with the build of the clutch and brake pedals. Does anyone have any experience with these? Also, does anyone know of a footrest kit that can be mounted beside the clutch? Cheers
  15. Leveling Out Pedals

    On the mk1 Ford focus, the pedals are out of alignment (clutch and brake being level and the throttle about an inch and a half further back). Is there a way of leveling the pedals? Asking this as when on last track day I found it extremely difficult to blip the throttle when downshifting... And day to day it makes down shifts much less jerky! Cheers